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Netrix Launches a Customizable Health Self-Assessment Application To Track Covid Symptoms For Schools

Picture a student or teacher preparing for school. They pull out their cell phone or laptop and answer a couple of speedy questions in an online application about their well-being that day: “Are you having any side effects identified with COVID-19 or been around somebody as of late who has the coronavirus?” If the student or teacher appears healthy and not a risk to others, the application sends them on their way. 

What we just described is Netrix’s new Admittance Application designed to help schools with re-opening this fall. Ryan Williams, Partner and Associate Director at Netrix calls the application “an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly health screening application that evaluates and advises students and faculty on whether they’re permitted to enter the facility.”

Williams and Kim Nelson, the company’s Manager of Operations and Processes, trust the application will help administrators, staff, and students as schools begin to reopen across the country. The application enables school systems to oversee and screen the arrival of students, faculty, and staff by providing individual health self-assessments delivered directly to their phones. Results can then be monitored by school administrators via out-of-the box reporting. Nelson notes that the Admittance App was built to specifically deal with health data security concerns such as PHI and HIPAA compliance.

“At Netrix, our core business is using technology to empower businesses and organizations to properly mitigate risk as they begin to bring individuals back to their places of work or learning,” said Nelson.    

While using health screening applications like the Admittance App will help keep students who are not feeling well from coming onto school campuses and possibly meeting others before they are sent home, it should not be the only security measure taken. It will be crucially important to continually remind parents to keep children home until at least 24 hours after symptoms have subsided.  

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