Join Matt Wilson from Netrix Global in a discussion about why ransomware is still such an ongoing (and even growing) threat to companies.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • The fundamental failures that lead to a damaging ransomware event.
  • A few interesting examples and common failure patterns throughout.
  • The essential blocking and tackling of Information Security that makes successful organizations resilient against the ransomware threat regardless of the tools and solutions they use.
  • The People, Processes, Technologies, and Philosophies mature organizations implement that reduce ransomware risk.

Netrix Global is an award-winning MSSP and MSP that designs, delivers, and supports business-critical solutions for our clients across the full spectrum of their complex, risky, and ever-changing IT infrastructures.

Speaker BIO

Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson is the Director of Sales Engineering at Netrix Global and is a veteran information security consultant with vast experience in a number of industry verticals. He specializes in network security, policy/process assessment and development, penetration testing, and application assessments.