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Cloud Infrastructure

Strengthening Your Digital Security Through Network Segmentation

How can you fortify your defenses with network segmentation? As malware and hacking techniques continue to evolve, it’s essential to have strong security protocols in place to protect your business from unauthorized access and data theft. Surprisingly, most data breaches can be prevented by implementing the long-established security practice of

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Application Innovation

MSIX Packaging Tool Guide

Unveiling the Advantages of MSIX Packaging: A Comprehensive Overview The MSIX Packaging Tool is now available from the Microsoft Store. MSIX is Microsoft’s planned replacement for the MSI and AppX format. Starting with Windows 10 1809, MSIX will replace AppX as a Package-Format completely. MSI + AppX = MSIX Benefits

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Security Bulletin: WiFi WPA2 Critical Vulnerability

Addressing the KRACK Vulnerability: Urgent Steps for WiFi Network Security OVERVIEW A critical security vulnerability was just announced, affecting the security and integrity of WiFi networks. A weakness affecting WPA2 has just been discovered and publicly disclosed. When vulnerabilities receive a lot of press and attention, they get assigned a

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