The Top 3 Must-Have Audio Visual Components to Complete your Conference Room

Your conference rooms should be built to readily operate in today’s collaborative corporate world

An unknown yet brilliant CEO once said that peeking into a company’s conference room is like peeking into the window of that company’s very soul. Now, over the years, historians and scholars have deconstructed this CEO’s analogy, and they’ve concluded that it simply means this: Your conference rooms should be built to readily operate in today’s collaborative corporate world. Besides the basics—a table, some chairs, a telephone, maybe a reason to hold the meeting in the first place—you’ll need to update your conference room with these must-have Audio Visual components listed below, which will help streamline your company’s communication, make a good first impression, and, best of all, generate more productive meetings.

1) A Display Worth Noting

Other than that warm plate of crispy pastries sitting prominently in the middle of the conference table, taunting you with its raspberry filling, the display is usually the first thing a person notices upon entering a conference room & it is the first among the top 3 Audio Visual Components. This is a moment where you’ll want to impress, namely because your potential clientele, or your workforce, or your partners certainly don’t want to walk in and see a frayed-at-the-edges projector screen marginally duct taped to the wall. Nope. There’s no soul with duct tape. Instead, you should call your meeting, queue up that power point, sit back, and let those  4K QLED  dual screens do its thing, okay? Shhh. Look at the pretty pictures. Impressive, right?

Don’t have the means to get the latest and greatest and most expensive-est display on the market? Not to worry, there’s plenty of cost-effective options built with up-to-date resolution and the latest display technology. They not only look nice but are just as capable. Go on. Get you a nice display.

2) Audio and Video Conferencing Options

Most companies are global these days, which means global meetings, which means we all know that team over in the UK is tired and cranky and they don’t want to deal with your poorly designed conferencing set-up at the end of a long day. And rightfully so! Meetings in today’s corporate workplace need to seamlessly stretch across the globe with the mere push of a button. You need to share your screen. You need user-friendly mobile apps. And your conferencing choice also needs the ability to integrate with other platforms, as well as accommodate those who only have audio options. So integrating a good Audio & Video conferencing solution is a critical addition in your Audio Visual Components.

Luckily, there are plenty of conference room solutions that suit all your needs and make it easy to join that 6AM meeting with your Asia Pacific team—auditorily, visually, or even spiritually. Grab some more coffee, bub. We’re about to dial in now. What’s the number again?

3) The Gadgets, man

No, not Inspector Gadget! You need the gadgets, man—the gizmos, the doohickeys, or what most people in the sane world call ‘accessories.’ You need microphones and speakers to hear and see your team clearly. You need a camera that doesn’t cut out your Marketing Manager sitting in the back of the conference room. You need wireless sharing with capture. You need an interactive whiteboard to get that brain stormin’ sesh a-brewin’!

The bottom line is that the right AV accessories can have a great impact on your ability to communicate clearly, to properly present yourself or your team to others, and connect with your participants without a hitch.

What kind of Audio Visual Components make your conference room more versatile?