Microsoft Inspire 2023 – Accelerating AI Transformation

Microsoft Inspire 2023, Microsoft’s annual partner conference, took place digitally July 18-19, with some in person sessions the following week. The various exciting announcements reflect Microsoft’s commitment to accelerating AI transformation, driving customer success, and fueling partner business growth and profitability. We have covered a few highlights here.

While many of these announcements were focused on partners, they provide organizations that use Microsoft capabilities or intend to insight into key areas of investment and innovation.

New AI-Powered Solutions

Microsoft announced new AI-powered solutions and the general availability of the new Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program. The Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program brings together everything across the entire partner lifecycle, including onboarding, skilling, go-to-market, incentives, and co-selling. This means that partners have access to the information they need to provide a range of AI services for clients as soon as they are generally available.

AI-focused announcements include Azure Migrate and Modernize & Azure Innovate offerings. Microsoft announced an unprecedented 3x investment to increase the scale and availability of Azure Migrate and Modernize and a new dedicated $100M investment in response to the incredible AI & Analytics demand—Azure Innovate. These offerings are built to work together to address every customer’s end-to-end cloud journey on Azure. Whether customers are migrating to gain a secure and AI-ready foundation or are ready to build their own AI solutions.

Additionally, these offers aren’t limited to any particular customer size, vertical or industry, making them available to support organizations of all kinds.

Empowering Everyone to Work in an AI-Powered Way

Microsoft is working to help partners adopt technology to our own organizations as well as to support success for our clients. In fact, partners are often provided with early access to technologies so that they can blaze the trail in understanding new technologies and providing clients with the information they need to refine their path to success in the Microsoft ecosystem. Among the new tools provided are the new AI Transformation Playbook, expanded benefits for ISV success, and marketing resources.

Microsoft is committed to meeting customers where they are in their AI journey. The company shared next steps in their journey to empower every person on the planet to work in a new AI-powered way.

  • Bing Chat Enterprise: Delivering AI-powered chat for work with commercial data protection. Chat data is not saved, and Microsoft has no eyes-on access—which means no one can view your data. And your data is not used to train the models. Available now in preview.
  • New AI capabilities across Microsoft 365: Continuing innovations across Microsoft 365 with new AI-powered capabilities include:
    • Copilot in Teams Phone will quickly generate summaries of phone conversations, capture action items, and answer your questions about their phone calls.
    • Copilot in Teams Chat helps you quickly get up-to-speed and synthesize key information across all their Team chat threads.
    • Microsoft Viva updates include the launch of Viva Glint, which will help customers understand employee engagement through organization-wide surveys and connected actions, and Viva Pulse, which helps managers and project leads get real-time, confidential feedback in the flow of work.
    • Windows 365 Frontline makes it easy and affordable to extend the power of Cloud PCs to frontline, shift, and part-time workers, enabling them to securely access their personalized Windows experience on any device no matter where they work.
    • Microsoft 365 Backup backs up and quickly restores an organization’s data to a prior point-in-time at unprecedented speeds after a catastrophic event or unforeseen data loss. Microsoft 365 Archive offers you cost-effective, long-term storage of inactive or aging files that they still want to maintain for compliance or retention requirements.
The Future of Security with AI

Microsoft announced ways for companies to engage with Microsoft Security Copilot

  • Launch of Microsoft Security Copilot partner engagement: Partner engagement for Microsoft Security Copilot creates new opportunities for partners to build their own solutions and services powered by Security Copilot. This means that when Copilot is available for end customer users, the partner ecosystem will have had an opportunity to develop a range of solutions and best practice that companies can leverage either through thought leadership, best practices, and retain MSPs and MSSPs for insight in to how they can leverage these capabilities.
  • Security Copilot Early Access Program: When Security Copilot was initially announced in March, the new solution was available via a private preview. Starting this fall, Microsoft will make Security Copilot accessible to more customers through an Early Access Program.
What Does it Mean for Me?

Reach out to Netrix if you would like to discuss how these announcements might benefit your organization. From cloud transformation, to security, embracing generative AI as a vital business productivity tool. We are here to help you charter a path forward to leverage generative AI in a sensible way.


Eric Xu

Eric Xu is a consultant in the Modern Applications & Data Intelligence practice at Netrix Global. His expertise in cloud solutions allows him to translate technical concepts into actionable strategies to optimize productivity and collaboration. Passionate about empowering people through technology, Eric excels at prioritizing clients’ needs, then delivering tailored solutions that drive business success. Prior to Netrix, Eric earned his master’s degree in information technology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.”