AdminStudio Package Feed Module Guide

Simplify Deployment with Package Feed Module: Save Time and Effort in Application Packaging

The Package Feed Module for AdminStudio – the industry standard for application readiness—provides a simple wizard for obtaining the latest versions of a vendor setup along with tested silent installation command lines to save you hours of research and testing.

Benefits of Package Feed Module

  • Package Feed Module provides details on nearly 3,000 installers to help you create deployment packages faster.
  • You don’t have to spend hours researching and testing vendor setups any longer. Just select a product, download it and get version validated command line parameters directly within AdminStudio.
  • Leverage these easy to create , leverage AdminStudio’s robust capabilities to easily test, report, convert (to App-V, MSIX and other formats), fix, wrap (with PowerShell or WiseScript) and publish the package with direct integration into distribution systems like Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, VMware Workspace ONE, ZENworks, LANDesk and others.
  • Gain insights to mitigate deployment risks with valuable reports
  • Wrap the installation as a PowerShell or executable script quickly, leveraging customizable templates.
  • Publish directly to any of several popular systems management solutions, such as ConfigMgr, Altiris, VMWare Workspace ONE, JamfPro and others.
  • Legacy and MSI packages are provided directly from vendors assigned, official installers, which are fully supported. However, AdminStudio can convert these to App-V, MSIX or other virtual formats with ease.
  • It releases in Adminstudio 2019 R2.

Creating an Application Catalog

  1. Start AdminStudio Application Manager

2. Create a new Application Catalog

3. Specify Database Information

4. Create an Application Catalog

Importing Applications in Application Catalog with Package Feed Module

We get details of around 3000 apps which has Legacy and MSI packages provided directly from vendors assigned, official installers, which are fully supported. Product Name: for example – Reader
Vendor Name: for example – Adobe

Once you enter and click on search it lists all Adobe Reader apps version till date. Select Application from the list shown above and click Next.

Once we click on Download. It starts download setup files under AdminStudio shared location

Validated command line parameters directly within AdminStudio


Application View in Catalog

Home Application View

Home Deployment Type View

Deployment Data provides all details like Content, Programs, User Experience, Detection Method, Requirements, Dependencies, Supersedence.


This will check compatibility for OS, Application Virtualization, Dependencies, MSIX.
Group View

Application View

Deployment Type View


Written by: Muzzammil Mujawar