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Security Services

Threat Checks & Security Assessments

Join an immersive experience designed for security leaders and develop a plan to strengthen your approach to secure identities, data, applications, devices, and infrastructure.

Strengthen Your Security Strategy with Microsoft

As organizations expand and evolve their digital estates, with new apps, data, and devices, having an integrated approach to security is more important than ever. Designed for today’s security leaders, the Microsoft Security Workshop focuses on learning your organization’s unique needs and develops a strategic plan based on approaches recommended by Microsoft experts. This engagement also includes a Threat Check that will allow you to gain visibility into REAL threats in your cloud environment across email, identity, and data. 

Focused Workshop Dedicated to Your security needs

clarity on how microsoft can help improve your security posture

hands-on time with experts

Sample Workshop Agenda

Microsoft Security Overview

Start the day with an exploration of Microsoft’s security vision and integrated security solution.

Discovery Session

Work with Microsoft cybersecurity experts to create a detailed assessment of your IT and security priorities, influences, and initiatives.

Threat Check Results

Review the Threat Check results in order to better understand, prioritize, and mitigate potential vectors of cyberattacks against your organization.

Security Immersion Experience

Experience what integrated security means to Microsoft through an immersive exercise that will give you a hands-on opportunity to explore new ways of handling security needs and challenges.

Recommendations & Next Steps

Participate in a collaborative session to examine your strategy, recommended initiatives, and tactical next steps with Microsoft experts.

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