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Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Security Workshop

Explore Azure Defender features by identifying real threats in your environment and analyzing security vulnerabilities across existing hybrid workloads.

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Solution Overview



Prior to engaging in the workshop, our team will hold a 1-hour pre-engagement call to facilitate introductions, walk-through the engagement process, and set expectations. We will also provide an engagement questionnaire to collect relevant information and prepare for the workshop.


Readiness (Optional)

During the readiness stage of the workshop engagement, our team will provide an in-depth overview of the Azure Security Center platform.


Engagement Setup

We will provide a three-part setup process including a 1-hour kick-off meeting to establish tools and next steps, define and document deployment scope of your trial licenses, and deliver a 4-hour workshop to configure engagement tools and verify successful deployment and configuration.


Data Collection

During a 2-3 week period, our team will collect data using the trial deployments of Azure Security Center and Azure Defender.


Deliverables & Results

Netrix will execute a threat exploration and generate reports to develop a Threat Results presentation that will be used to review the report findings and actionable next steps.


  1. Better understand the benefits and capabilities of Azure Security Center.
  2. Better understand how to prioritize and mitigate potential threats to your servers and services
  3. Better understand what can be done to reduce the attack surface area for hybrid workloads.
  4. Gain defined next steps based on your needs and objectives.


  1. Access to Key Participants: This workshop requires the attendance of selected members of security or cloud infrastructure teams.
  2. Provide Stakeholder Oversight: A stakeholder or sponsor is required to oversee and own the process internally.
  3. Access to Tenant: Provide access to the tenant in order to set up Microsoft security products used in the engagement and pull necessary reports.


  1. Deployment of trial Azure Security Center and Azure Defender tools.
  2. Results report following the engagement.
  3. Next step plan for your hybrid cloud security.

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Since 2005, Netrix has provided engineering expertise, complementary solutions, and supporting services for the Microsoft technology stack. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have the expertise to deploy and support your team’s new or existing Microsoft infrastructure.

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As a member of AMMP, Netrix provides the right mix of best practice guidance, resources, and expert help at every stage of your cloud journey. We meet customers wherever they are in their cloud journey so you can move forward with confidence – right from planning the move to making it happen successfully. 


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