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Cloud Services

Netrix Cloud Managed Services

Our multi-disciplinary team provides you with best-of-breed cloud solutions for your business. Whether you need help managing Microsoft Azure, AWS, or even a hybrid environment, we’ve got you covered.

Managed Services for Public Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services

Our Approach to Cloud

Netrix Global uses a cross-practice approach to all of our IT solutions, so working with our team is a one-stop-shop. Our agnostic (non-vendor specific) approach to cloud management means we can respond with more flexibility to changing requirements, and our payment model is based on monthly operating costs (OPEX).  

When it comes to cloud management, Netrix Global can do it all. From implementing and assessing your cloud migration to creating and managing multiple private, public and hybrid cloud solutions, Netrix Global has the expertise to make sure all of your cloud needs are covered.

Why choose Netrix Global?

By providing both protective services as well as more tailored proactive services, we ensure that your public cloud is secure, agile, and operating based on your business needs. 


Change Communication

Leverage visual content and proactive communications to build excitement and positive response for change. 


Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR)

A quarterly meeting to review product changes and upgrades as well as governance updates that reflect changing business conditions and consumption.


Roadmap Updates

Update and maintain a client roadmap specific to your business requirements and leverage change communication techniques to ensure proper releases.


Designated Service Analyst

Service Analysts prepare monthly service reviews and summarize the services delivered during the previous reporting period.


24x7x365 Cloud Management

Global Services are available worldwide to offer support and answer ticket requests.

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