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Getting Back to Business with Your Remote Workforce

Business continuity of our customers is our top priority in this unprecedented time. Netrix is working with our partners to provide quick deployment solutions and resources to best enable your workforce immediately while keeping safety and convenience at the forefront.

Quick Deployment Solutions Built for Working From Home

During this challenging and motivating time at hand, we’ve created FREE offers and services to help our customers ensure they can stay productive and remain secure while protecting data integrity at home and anywhere else.

Desktop-as-a-Service in less than a week

Give your employees secure access from home with our quick deployment CloudHelm Stations (Desktop-as-a-Service) free for 90-days for up to 75 users.

Microsoft Funding Available for Windows Virtual Desktop

As you look for long-term solutions to enable employees worldwide to work remotely, we can help you accelerate deployment of Windows Virtual Desktop and move your desktops into Azure immediately.

7-Days to Collaborate From Anywhere

Deploy nVX or Microsoft Teams direct routing tomorrow and be up and running within 7-days. With TetraVX quick deployments, we can get your remote workers the web-based tools they need to call, message, and meet all from the safety of their home.

Microsoft Teams Training

To assist organizations that may already have Microsoft Teams, and are looking to get users up to speed quickly. We’ve already trained over 1,000 users on Microsoft Teams in 2020 and continue providing documentation to end-users in need of more information.

I need secure access for my remote workforce, asap!

Netrix is offering Desktop-as-a-Service free for 90-days. With our quick deployment methodology, Netrix can get your employees up and running from home, safely and securely in less than a week. Find out if our CloudHelm Stations (Desktop-as-a-Service) solution is right for you.

I need a platform to support collaboration, and fast!

Deploy Tetra VX nVX or Microsoft Teams direct routing tomorrow and be up and running in less than a week. Our team is committed to supporting you during this challenging time and with TetraVX quick deployments, we can get your remote workers the web-based tools they need to call, message, and meet all from the safety of their home. Learn more at

How can I accelerate my Windows Virtual Desktop deployment?

Microsoft has funding available to enable your employees to work from home for less while giving you access to Azure cloud benefits. Funding and credits include up to $20,000 for deployment costs and up to $15,000 in Azure credits. Restrictions apply. Contact us to see how much you may qualify to receive.

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Work From Home Hotline

Netrix and our partners are dedicated to making sure your employees have access to business-critical applications and collaboration technology to make working from home just as efficient as working from the office. We have set up a hotline for immediate assistance. Please call: 844.901.2010. We have representatives waiting for you. 

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