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Change Communication

Change Communication: Bridging the Gap Between IT and End User

Change Communication

Bridging the Gap Between IT and the End User


As organizations increasingly leverage technology as a workflow experience, it’s critical to position a communication plan that can articulate the message clearly and in detail, with integrity and authenticity. The consumer of the technology receiving this messaging must be ready to listen, understand, and trust the messaging. The delivery should align with the culture of the organization and the content of the message must be powerful enough to energize the consumers of the technology and incite excitement for the change and adopt new technologies.

The Netrix Change Communication practice is designed to do that for clients who are deploying new technologies or creating change with existing technology.

Traditionally, technology companies design from a technology-first perspective, not from an end-user experience perspective. Netrix does things differently. We start by studying the end-users to determine how they’ll use the technology.

The Netrix Change Communication Team has a laser sharp focus on the end-user. Disparate and inconsistent communications, poor timing, lack of consumable messaging can all lead to poor end-user experience.

We believe in creating custom communications strategies and assets that align with your cultre. One size does not fit all and in order to make a technology transition smooth, we must consider the user and the impact to workflow.

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