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Office Reopening Guide

Netrix is working alongside our commercial real estate and legal partners to help organizations get back to the office safely.


Use This Survey Before Reopening

Netrix developed an “Employee Readiness Survey” to best understand the feelings and needs of your employees getting back to the office. Get it free.


Learn what legal concerns employers need to address along with office technology that can help. Download the 6 Legal Questions for Office Re-entry fact sheet.

Visualize Your “Back to the Workplace™

Leveraging Technology to Plan, Execute, Measure, and Comply with a Socially Distanced Workplace.

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Mastering Your Office Re-entry

Practices, plans, strategies, and technology that will help your employees return to the workplace safely and confidently.

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Bridge Your Office and Remote Workers

Are your remote employees up and running with Teams? Let us show you how Microsoft Teams Rooms can help the transition back to the workplace.

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Liabilities and Obligations for Getting Your Employees Back to the Office

An attorney and workplace strategist discuss the legal liability concerns for office re-entry and answer questions that are on everyone’s mind.

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Start Here With This Free Survey

Are Your Employees Ready?

The Employee Readiness Survey helps organizations identify employee concerns for office re-entry/reopen. The results are prepared in a presentation format and shared with you a few days after deployment. It will help you address your employees throughout the process.

Keeping Employee Safety and Health at the Core

Develop Your Office Reopen Plan

Your office reopening plan should start with your employees and an understanding of the federal, state, and local government policies. Get to know what you can do today, what data you need to support the health and safety of your employees, and how to leverage technology to minimize disruption after re-opening. 


Practices, plans, strategies, and technology that will help your employees return to the workplace safely and confidently. Watch Now →

Technology Integrations

Technology to Help Reduce Health Risks 

By leveraging in-office technology and collaboration platforms, you can bridge the gap between your remote and in-office employees while maintaining health and safety measures in place. From digital office and room reservations to in-office tracing and a seamless Microsoft Teams conference room experience connects all of your employees like never before.


Leveraging Technology to Plan, Execute, Measure and Comply with a Socially Distanced Workplace. Watch Now →

Collaboration Enablement

Deployed Microsoft Teams, What’s Next?

Netrix helps organizations leverage Microsoft Teams to increase employee productivity, improve collaboration across the organization, and enable innovation. We currently provide advanced training for end-users, Governance POC, custom development, and Microsoft Teams Rooms options. Checkout our full-suite of Teams-related solutions.


Bridge Your Office and Remote Workers with Microsoft Teams. Watch Now →


Teams Governance and Security Strategies for Today’s Users. Watch Now →

Protect Your Employees and Clients 

Empower Work with Zero Trust Security

Today’s security models must embrace the mobile workforce and protect people, devices, apps, and data where ever they currently reside. Instead of trusting that everything behind the corporate firewall is safe, the Zero Trust model assumes breach and verifies every single request. Scale your network and secure your endpoints from anywhere. Learn more about our network and security services.


Responding to the New Normal:  How to Prevent Added Risk in Your Business. Watch Now →

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