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Digital Transformation

Empower Productivity from Anywhere, Backed by Scalability & Performance of the Cloud

Netrix Global offers a breadth of services to facilitate all stages of your digital transformation initiative. Serving as your trusted advisor, we can lead your cloud migration and optimization, adoption of workplace collaboration technology, and application modernization. 

One Stop Shop

Netrix offers a breadth of solutions supported by cross-functional teams to optimize your infrastructure and facilitate all stages of your digital transformation 

Improve Scalability & Reliability

Add new capabilities such as autoscaling and configure your apps to be globally distributed. Increase adaptability and ensure your apps are usable and maintainable in the future. 

Holistic Approach to your Digital Transformation

Netrix supports clients from defining a cloud adoption strategy and selecting apps to modernize, through managing cloud solutions and providing 24x7x365 support for collaboration technology 

Eliminate CapEx & Reduce Costs

Migrate to the cloud and eliminate the need to continually increase investments in on-prem hardware. Optimizing apps to scale can lower cloud expenses. 

Consistently Get the Scalability, Performance, and Stability the Cloud Offers

Netrix cloud infrastructure services eliminate the headache of cloud management, so you can focus on business growth. Partnering with Netrix, you can be certain you’re fully realizing the benefits of the cloud, while minimizing business impact during migrations. We ensure that your cloud is secure, agile, cost-optimized, and operating based on your needs. 

Empower Your Team to be Productive and Remain Secure – From Anywhere

Netrix supports your modern workforce with the tools needed to increase productivity and collaborate effectively, no matter where they’re located. Our crossfunctional teams can solve for any technology challenge and help you improve the employee experience. Netrix deploys and manages Microsoft 365 solutions and Microsoft Teams, in addition to collaboration and contact center via TetraVX and hosted Cisco. 

Develop an Innovation Roadmap Driven by Business Objectives

We’re happy to answer your questions and execute on tasks within your direction. However, Netrix also provides guidance with deeper insight. We may suggest a different approach or provide background to clarify why we recommend what we do. Netrix clients have found they’re able to learn from our consultative approach, while also eliminating the burden to continuously replenish their own team with training and new hires.

Netrix can serve as an extension of your team, feeling like a branch of your department. Netrix takes work off your plate. we don’t give you another job to chase us. We act with enough autonomy that you can step back from the day to day, while delivering transparency through customer portals and regular reporting and strategic business reviews.

Public and Private Cloud Services

Netrix is a Premier Consulting Partner with both Microsoft and AWS, holding multiple Azure and AWS competencies. We also provide cloud-agnostic infrastructure services, enabling flexibility to meet changing requirements, including the Netrix Private Cloud IaaS Platform. 

Microsoft Managed Services

Our services are backed by a 24x7x365 service desk. Netrix Microsoft 365 Managed Services keep your team productive and secure. For Microsoft Teams, we provide fast access to Microsoft expertise and release management for new updates. 

Application Modernization

By modernizing apps and migrating to the cloud, you can achieve a cloud native workload and leverage many beneficial capabilities that are inaccessible on prem. In our two-day Azure App Innovation Workshop, Netrix gives you an idea of what’s possible within Azure. 

Collaboration Technology to Empower Staff Productivity

Netrix can help you select and implement the technology that empowers onsite collaboration, including video and audio conferencing, supporting your digital workplace overhaul. We also provide UC & Contact Center services with Cisco and TetraVX. 

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