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User Adoption Consulting Services

Ensure your investment in technology pays off for you and the end-user.

A common problem with a significant cost. No matter how effective or powerful a new technology is, it’s only as good as the number of people using it.

Adoption Change Management

Some companies may not have a methodology and/or dedicated team needed to reach and educate end-users with each new IT deployment. This includes getting stakeholder buy-in, creating awareness and knowledge opportunities, and regular and consistent follow up to address barriers to adoption. This framework is designed to help clients build a sustainable change management plan for current and future deployments.

Change Communication

As companies continue to invest in new technology, it is critical to communicate the changes that are in store for the end-user. By developing a communication plan that provides awareness and knowledge ahead of the change, users can better prepare and leverage the new technology and increase their daily workflow efficiencies


Training is not one size fits all; Netrix works with the client to confirm critical use cases and develop a training plan that uniquely fits the scenario. Netrix provides training that will support the end user and prepare users for sustained engagement.

Our Approach

  • Discovery: Identify use cases, intake data via focus groups and/or survey, review existing metrics, set objectives/goals
  • Awareness: Create communication strategy for advanced collaboration
  • Reinforce: Support champion network; communicate expectations and empower
  • Knowledge and Ability: Tailored advanced collaboration training based on discovery; drive traffic to Pathways

Prepare yourself with the right questions

  • How will you leverage collaboration technology to enhance the culture of your firm?
  • How will you ensure your users are prepared for change?
  • What technology will you deploy in the new workspace to better connect your employees?
  • Do you have a communication strategy in place?
  • Do you have a good handle on employee workflow, and how people want to work?
  • Is the help desk typically taxed when new technology is rolled out?
  • Is your training program equipped to measure success?


  • Adoption framework and toolkit for managing change
  • Custom communications [email, articles, blogs, etc]
  • User guides
  • Custom video
  • Live training

User Adoption Resources

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