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Security Services

Forensics & Incident Response

Leverage our experience and expertise to reduce recovery time and costs, and mitigate the damage caused by cybersecurity incidents.

Our Practical Approach to Incident Response

Managing in-house incident response can be difficult—and costly. Sometimes it just makes sense to leave it to the experts.

We help companies establish and maintain appropriate incident response policies and procedures on both a retainer and ad hoc basis.



Work with retainer clients to create a proactive plan.



Monitor anticipated vulnerabilities to pinpoint incoming breaches.



Isolate the intrusion to protect your network.



Defeat threats in record time before they can do harm.



Mitigate damage and data loss as you return to baseline.



Analyze the root cause of the incident to improve internal readiness.

Digital Forensics, Real Answers

We expertly analyze digital evidence using special software, techniques, and procedures. We can reliably determine common factors that are considered in digital investigations, such as:

  • Websites that have been visited
  • Files that have been downloaded
  • When files were created, modified, and last accessed
  • Whether attempts have been made to conceal or destroy evidence
  • Whether attempts have been made to fabricate evidence

We can deploy resources to capture evidence or seized evidence may be shipped to us for examination. We perform a thorough analysis and provide a detailed report outlining our process and findings to help support investigations that rely on such evidence.

We also conduct forensic analysis of evidence for civil and criminal cases, investigation of company computers to determine employee activity, and preparation of electronic discovery requests.

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