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Recorded Webinar

Visualize Your “Back to the Workplace™”

Leveraging Technology to Plan, Execute, Measure and Comply with a Socially Distanced Workplace

As your employees transition back to the office, will your workplace be ready? Join us to hear experts from Netrix and AgilQuest share practices and technologies that can help.

Netrix provides a wide array of workplace consulting services focused on the end-user experience. We work with clients looking to build out technology-enabled workspaces that drive productivity, energize the employee base, and provide a competitive advantage.

 With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are working with the commercial real estate community to ensure the path to back to the workplace is one where technology can be leveraged to provide a safe workplace, adhere to social distancing principles, and deliver consumption models across all technology stacks. We pride ourselves on being vendor agnostic; we bring the best partner to each client’s particular problem. A partner we have found to hold pertinent expertise around getting employees safely back to the workplace is AgilQuest. 

AgilQuest’s SaaS, Cloud-based Forum Platform™ resolves many key process challenges created by COVID-19 that stand in the way of the vital task of keeping your employees safe while re-occupying office space.  You can leverage AgilQuest’s “Back to the Workplace™” solution to plan, execute, measure, monitor, and optimize today’s new workplace processes and adapt to the changes certain to come.

Key Takeaways

  • Awareness of how to incorporate remote work and office spaces into a seamless network of places to work
  • Ways to leverage technology to resolve challenges that stand in the way of keeping your employees safe while re-occupying office space
  • Best practices on how to operationalize, using technology and practices to keep employees healthy

What We Cover



Partition your workforce and assign groups of employees to certain groups of workspaces.  Schedule attendance by staggering the occupancy days for each group to ensure you don’t overpopulate the office while maintaining social / physical distancing guidelines.



Limit accessibility to workspaces based on physical layout.  For example, open floor plan workspaces may require adjacencies to be removed from platform availability and seating may be dynamically assigned such that booking one seat changes availability of adjacent seats.



Incorporate home-based telework as just another place for people to work in your network of spaces.  Book and verify presence at home the same as in the office so that location can be traced in case of COVID-19 positive tests. Everyone knows where teams and colleagues are located. 



Your workplace processes will continually evolve over time as the world makes progress against COVID-19. Start now to measure the actual presence of employees and actual utilization of assets to have all the data needed to manage the follow-on phases of re-occupancy.



Support compliance efforts with the various COVID-19 Administrative Controls when re-occupying office space.



Avoid all the touch screen panels on conference rooms and workspaces via a combination of posted QR codes on rooms and the Forum mobile app QR Code reader. Book and verify presence at the room using your own “phone as digital sign”.



In the event an employee tests positive for COVID-19, trace and verify who came into the office and when, where they sat, who sat nearby, and with whom they had meetings.


Enjoy all this functionality inexpensively to reduce costs and conserve cash while keeping people employed and safe.

Meet the Speakers

Mike Gleason

Mike Gleason

NETRIX | Partner, Director of Digital Workplace

For over 20 years Mike has been working to empower clients with the ever-advancing tools, and innovative technologies that are key in optimizing utilization, collaboration, user adoption, analytics, AV technology services, cloud & IT architecture. His passion is striving to see that his clients get the most out of their office space with respect to employee productivity, and workplace safety. By focusing on the end user experience, Mike ensures the best possible ROI.

John Vivadelli

John Vivadelli

AGILQUEST | Chief Executive Officer

John is a recognized expert in the fields of workplace strategy, real estate measurement, and management. He envisioned the need for a platform that allows people to choose, use, share, and enjoy workplace assets whenever, wherever they want to work, both inside the company portfolio or outside of it.  This same platform can be used by the asset owner/landlord to monetize any excess capacity in their real estate assets.

Torrance Houlihan

Torrance Houlihan

AGILQUEST | Chief Experience Officer

Torrance oversees all aspects of customer interaction including AgilQuest’s software, professional services, and customer support. His experience includes designing business processes and software applications for mobility and deploying them with customers across the country and around the world. He works with customers to define their objectives and make sure the products and services they receive meet their business strategy needs. 

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