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Microsoft Teams Voice Enabled Customer Service Workflows

Hear experts talk about ways Teams can be integrated with other features to provide better customer experience.

0:02 Introduction
1:18 Presenters
2:18 Agenda
3:07 Why Use Phone System with Microsoft Teams
4:37 Review Microsoft Calling Plan and Direct Routing
11:37 Poll – Has your organization deployed Teams as your phone system?

Webinar Overview

14:07 Why deploy an omnichannel contact center integrated with Teams voice
16:58 3 Ways to Integrate Contact Center into Teams
31:34 Poll – Are you considering integrating your company’s contact center with Teams?
35:20 Netrix Overview
41:16 Q&A

Many organizations have incorporated Microsoft Teams to enable hybrid work where in-office and remote employees regularly collaborate. However, there are enormous benefits to the customer service experience when organizations integrate Teams Direct Routing and their contact center into the Teams Voice platform. With such integrations companies can: integrate SMS into Teams chat channels, initiate call-backs from SMS messages with links to mobile Teams clients, bump the SMS directly into a Teams phone call, automate PKI notifications to agents, and allow agents to see in real-time what team members are available to help with a customer.

Further additions, like overlaying security services to Office 365, robust video, and deep app integration makes using Teams even more beneficial and valuable.

This 60-minute webinar will discuss taking these capabilities and how you can take your use of Teams and your organization to the next level.

Meet the Speakers

Brent KellY

Brent KellY

KELCOR, INC | President & Principal Analyst

As president and principal analyst ant KelCor, Inc., Dr. Kelly provides strategy and counsel to CxOs, investment analysts, VCs, technology policy executives, sell side firms and technology buyers. His contributions deliver top and bottom line value because they have impact from concept through development and rollout. A PhD in engineering coupled with strong business experience enables Dr. Kelly to identify emerging opportunities and capitalize on them.

Matthew Feeley

Matthew Feeley

NETRIX LLC | Vice President of Collaboration Services

As a leader of the Collaboration practice at Netrix, Matt is continually watching the horizon to determine what can be useful in today’s ever-changing digital office landscape. From a new way to shape customer experience through collaboration apps, to innovative ways to enhance organizational productivity, Matt keeps an open mind for the best possible solution for each company’s unique needs.

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