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Case Study

App Modernization Ensures Smart Data and Saves 6 Figure License Costs

Growth Insurance: App Modernization Ensures Smarter Data and Saves Six Figure License Costs

A Fortune 500 insurance company with a storied past had been picking the low hanging fruit off the application modernization tree, but was left with a few complicated problems that prevented it from completing the transition. Netrix was selected to solve the technical challenges and help them cross the finish line.

Netrix Case Study App Modernization Insurance
Netrix Case Study

The Situation

More than eighty years of organic growth and acquisitions had created a decentralized company without standard processes. Technology advancements in the 90s had put them on a Lotus Notes path to solve this problem, but without a coherent strategy for standardization, the divisions used the new technology to continue heading their separate ways.

The company had four divisions and a corporate entity all using their data and associated tools differently ensuring that apples-to-apples comparisons were difficult. The divisions operated separately and possessed their own executive teams, including independently operating CIOs. Each CIO served the members of his or her division and was reticent to make disruptive changes in the name of overarching standardization.

The Challenges

The client, corporate IT, was looking for a “lift and shift” solution which simply redelivered old functionality, but the Lotus Notes applications were out of step with business units and required modification. Things were further complicated by a lack of institutional memory. No one currently on staff knew how the applications worked, from where the data was drawn, or why they had been designed the way they had in the first place.

Furthermore, the client had long ago started migrating to Microsoft SharePoint, but a few dozen tricky Lotus Notes applications forced the continuation of pricy IBM licenses.

Further complicating matters, the autonomous divisions were pursuing independent solutions to overcome their document management and reporting problems. Corporate IT was finding it increasingly difficult to manage these inconsistencies.

The Solution

Netrix worked with the IT staff and business units to whittle down the list of complicated applications to nine required to maintain continuity. The Netrix team was then able to tackle the remaining applications with intellect, strategy, and an ear to the user. In the end, Netrix’s efforts allowed the client to turn-off Lotus Notes once and for all and saved the company nearly $100,000 each year.

This was possible because Netrix developers cracked open the applications, tracked down the source of the data, and reverse engineered the business logic. The Netrix team also listened to end users who shared changes they required. In the end, the applications were intelligently updated with the customer’s voice in mind.

Concurrently, Netrix was engaged by one of the client’s divisions on another project. Working with the CIO and giving a voice to the user, Netrix created a document management solution that solved many of the problems outlined above. It also turned out to be compatible across divisions. Corporate IT, already impressed with Netrix’s previous work, enthusiastically recommended the system be adopted company-wide.

Key Results


  • Users were fumbling with cumbersome, costly applications that no longer met the business needs and could not be easily altered.
  • The client was unable to convert their most difficult applications to the new framework.
  • The client was paying for unnecessary licenses to keep legacy applications running.
  • The divisions were running independent reporting and document management applications that made analysis difficult and hindered consistency and management decisions.


  • Netrix helped increase productivity and morale by replacing out of date Lotus Notes applications with Microsoft SharePoint solutions that better met their needs.
  • Netrix helped save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the reduction of Lotus Notes license costs.
  • Netrix developed an intelligent document management solution that was flexible enough to be adopted globally.

Our Approach

Netrix incorporates agile development best practices into our application development operations and prioritizes the evolution of your development teams by introducing market-leading best practices. Whether modernizing the applications you have in place today or developing new custom solutions for your unique business challenges, our team provides the experience and resources necessary to gain new functionality and efficiencies.

Technical Expertise

Our Microsoft-certified engineers develop software applications using the most modern technologies, ensuring that your application is usable and maintainable in the future. Our primary technical expertise includes:

Microsoft Stack

  • .NET development, MVC, MVP, MVVM

Modern Web Application Development

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, Knockout, Single Page Applications

Database Architecture

  • SQL, MySQL, noSQL

Azure Migration and Development Services

  • App Service, Web Roles, Worker Roles, Table Storage, Blob Storage, Queues, and Service Bus
  • Cloud-Based Architecture

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