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Case Study

Choice Debit Card Gives Employees Convenient and Secure New Perk

A Top 100 credit union sought to turn employees’ security access cards into fully functional debit cards called Choice Debit Cards. The cards were designed to be used in the company’s cafeteria and company store, as well as at some local small businesses and to provide employees with an added convenience while creating more account and small business traffic. Netrix was selected to develop a safe and effective solution utilizing the bank’s existing technologies and a third-party platform.

The Situation

The client is one of the top credit unions in the United States and one of the largest in Illinois. With total assets of more than $1 billion, they serve 170,000+ members in the U.S. and Puerto Rico with online and onsite deposits, loans, credit cards, investment services, and financial news and education. The client was also named one of the top 100 places to work by the Chicago Tribune, and employee benefits such as the Choice Debit Card helped them earn such honors via satisfied employees. The program was well planned but required advanced technical security and integration insight.

The Challenges

The client was implementing an IT reorganization which put pressure on the department to independently support and develop the solution they were seeking. Netrix discovered that they needed user functionality to the online banking site and integrated data communication web services between the client and their third-party platform, all while maintaining a high level of security. Designing the right measures meant obtaining a deep understanding of the client’s current environment, including Microsoft, Unix, and Citrix technologies, and maximizing the use of FreedomPay, a third-party platform with unique functionality for the banking industry.

The Solution

Netrix implemented new security standards that were with the future web redesign in mind. New message transfer standards and integration of the client’s system with FreedomPay to give members an efficient way of signing up for the Choice Debit Card Program. To ensure an effective, efficient, and dependable solution, Netrix leveraged its full complement of client services, including consultation, analysis, design, development, integration testing, deployment, and documentation. The Netrix team led Credit Union Financial Exchange (CUFX) presentations, and leveraged deep familiarity with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and JDeveloper Wireless Extension (JWE) technology. 

With a foundation built on research, analysis, and recommendations, Netrix developed and implemented custom code in several languages to meet the unique business requirements. Rigorous trial-and-error scenarios helped deflate and defuse complexities that arose through the integration of FreedomPay with new and existing technologies and software. 

Throughout the discovery, planning, implementation, and follow-up process, Netrix kept all appropriate parties aware of the project’s progress with: 

  • Daily stand-up meetings with team members  
  • Weekly stakeholder and FreedomPay review meetings  
  • Regular email communications about upcoming enhancements

The solution implementation employed several different technology classes. Netrix developed SAML V2 Classes to share two-way communication with FreedomPay, CUFX V2 Standard to convert data through the Credit Union Financial Exchange, and developed WCF RESTful web service to support and encrypt internal party messages. 

With new custom code supporting a robust and secure system, the client gained an effective platform to extend and enhance the value and use of employees’ security cards. The solution successfully enabled members of the organization to enroll in the Choice Debit Card program via their legacy online banking access which allowed them to manage their accounts and balances on demand. The added convenience encouraged the adoption of the innovative program and provided the organization with another smart perk to serve its happy, engaged employees.

Key Results


  • Legacy systems, data, and communications needed to be integrated with a third-party banking platform.
  • Web interface and integration required security standards that needed to extend into future development. 
  • Recent re-organization in the IT department amidst aggressive program deadlines.


  • The solution implemented solid, trusted security measures through custom code.
  • Netrix assisted the client’s architect with SSO and CUFX standards with future enhancement in mind. 
  • A new enrollment interface and user experience exceeded expectations boosting the adoption of the successful program.
  • Netrix helped the IT and HR teams provide a successful and secure new program for its employees.

Our Approach

Netrix incorporates agile development best practices into our application development operations and prioritizes the evolution of your development teams by introducing market-leading best practices. Whether modernizing the applications you have in place today or developing new custom solutions for your unique business challenges, our team provides the experience and resources necessary to gain new functionality and efficiencies.

Technical Expertise

Our Microsoft-certified engineers develop software applications using the most modern technologies, ensuring that your application is usable and maintainable in the future. Our primary technical expertise includes:

Microsoft Stack

  • .NET development, MVC, MVP, MVVM

Modern Web Application Development

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, Knockout, Single Page Applications

Database Architecture

  • SQL, MySQL, noSQL

Azure Migration and Development Services

  • App Service, Web Roles, Worker Roles, Table Storage, Blob Storage, Queues, and Service Bus
  • Cloud-Based Architecture

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