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Lighthouse Group 

After Lighthouse’s managed services provider was acquired, Lighthouse noticed an unfavorable decline in customer service. Netrix listened to the problems they were facing and implemented a high-touch system to seamlessly treat issues as they came up.

Lighthouse Group is a property management company with satellite offices and a core user base of 70 employees. Lighthouse was partnered with a managed services provider (MSP) that was acquired. After the acquisition occurred, Lighthouse noticed an unfavorable decline in customer service. The rate of issues addressed by the HelpDesk with in 4 hours was often as low as 50%.

When they came to us with this problem, we realized communication and trust were missing from the relationship with the current MSP. The only way to start to solve this was by listening and ensuring we heard the problems they were facing. 

Onboarding in a personal and thorough manner was key. We put into place a high-touch system of managed services, which began with in-person presentations to leadership and employees. Client background information was placed in a location accessible to all of our service staff team members, allowing seamless treatment of Lighthouse Group’s team issues as they came up. 

Lighthouse Group’s leadership and workforce has been very satisfied with the new approach to managed services that we have delivered, especially as we were able to help them navigate the harrowing months of the pandemic. 

HelpDesk issue resolution inceased up to


The company HelpDesk now solves 83% of employee issues within 4 hours, an increase of up to 33%! This also results in a huge decrease in wait times for their user base which means money is saved.

Cost savings of

Using Netrix’s monitoring tools provides a cost savings of approximately $3,000 a year over using a third-party subscription. 

Cloud-based Backups

Finally, the client went from zero offsite backups to infinite cloud-based backups by subscribing to our solution to safely secure their data.

Why Netrix?

We specialize in network infrastructure, security, software development, systems services, unified communications, mobility, cloud and managed services, as well as the hardware, software, and services needed to implement them. We help our clients with integrated packages of custom solutions that simplify technology sourcing and accelerate deployment. In addition, we work to ensure the ROI of your technology with a robust set of user adoption services.

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