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Five9 Contact Center Integration with Microsoft Teams

Increase first contact resolution and improve customer experiences. Agents can quickly identify subject matter experts, collaborate with them and resolve customer issues the first time. 


Agent-Expert Consultation Features: 

  •  Agents can view a consolidated directory with Teams subject matter experts
  • Teams users can be identified by department for agents to quickly find the right expert to help
  • “At-a-glance” directory on the agent desktop provides presence information for experts (available, busy, away, etc.)
  • Agents can easily click to call, conference, or transfer a call to any Teams user

Telephony Connect Features:  

  •  Calls to a company’s general number can be automatically redirected to the contact center
  • Calls requiring contact center personnel can be directed to the correct skill groups in the contact center
  • Calls coming to the company’s 1-800 number can be redirected to a specialist work group outside of the contact center
  • Five9 contact center agents can talk with back office experts who use Teams
  • Toll-free on-net calling, conferencing, and transfers


Agent-Expert Consultation

The Five9 UC Integration with Teams enables Agent-Expert Consultation by connecting Five9 agents with Teams users throughout the organization. Contact center agents can easily identify the right knowledge workers and subject matter experts using a Five9-Teams consolidated directory on their desktop.

Using Agent-Expert Consultation, agents have an “at-a-glance” directory on their desktop with presence status showing whether the Teams user is available, busy, away, etc. Teams users are identified by department, allowing agents to quickly find an expert to help them. Once the right expert is identified, the agent can talk with them one on one, conference them with the customer, or transfer the call. Regardless of how the call is handled, the goal is to resolve the customer’s issue the first time, every time.

Telephony Connect 

Another element of the Five9 UC Integration with Teams is Telephony Connect. Telephony Connect offers a Five9 to Teams cloud-to-cloud integration over a private network to support on-net calling and transfers. This allows calls to be effortlessly moved between Teams and the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center without incurring additional toll charges.

Five9 and MS Teams

Whether you need to seamlessly move calls between Teams and the Five9 contact center or provide your agents with easy access to experts throughout your organization, the goal is simple: provide the best possible experience for your customers.


  • Platform requirements:
    • Five9 Contact Center
    • Microsoft Teams
  • SIP Trunk in place between you and Five9
  • Five9 application support:
    • ADP
    • CRM Plus adapters (Salesforce, MSFT Dynamics and many others)
  • Regional requirements: US/Canada

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