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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, commonly referred to as Azure, is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers

Where are you in your Azure journey? 

I'm just getting started

The Azure Foundation Assessment is intended for organizations evaluating Azure’s total cost of ownership (TCO) and starting a roadmap for an Azure migration.

I'm struggling with governance and security

Plan, build, and manage your Azure Landing Zones with the support and expertise of Netrix’s certified Microsoft engineers.

What are the Benefits of Microsoft Azure? 


Data can be moved large amounts of data easily and quickly, providing little impact to a company’s operation.


All databases can be moved to the cloud, allowing easy access to all users granted permission.

Migration of Web Applications

Azure even provides a process to migrate web applications.


Azure provides a migration server assessment to help assess servers and then move them. This helps determine how ready a server is to be migrated, as well as the best way to do this migration.

Unified Migration Platform

On this platform, a company can begin, monitor, and run its migration of data to the cloud.

Virtual Desktops

On-premises virtual desktop infrastructure can now be migrated to the cloud.

Variety of Tools

There are a variety of assessment and migration tools available that integrates with other services that Microsoft Azure offers, as well as for independent software vendor offering.

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