Managed IT Services

Outsource your IT monitoring and management, so your team can get back to what matters – building your business

Netrix Global is an award-winning MSSP and MSP that designs, delivers, and supports business-critical solutions for our clients across the full spectrum of their complex, risky, and ever-changing IT infrastructures. While other providers deliver commoditized projects that only address point-in-time challenges, we are unique in how we partner with our clients to achieve real business outcomes that create lasting value. By continuously evaluating clients’ evolving needs, we ensure that their solutions are always on, always secure, and fully modernized.

Run and Optimize Your Business with Netrix Global

Netrix Global provides a portfolio of core services design to help you run and optimize your IT solutions and ensure every component of your IT infrastructure continuously supports your business objectives. With Netrix managed IT services, you’ll benefit from:

  • Expanded support and augmentation of your IT staff and resources
  • Strategic leadership advisory services to modernize processes and policies
  • 24x7x365 support for your organization
  • Increased end-user experience thanks to faster remediation of service desk tickets
  • Predictable monthly costs for IT support, maintenance, and monitoring

Netrix Global delivers end-to-end managed IT services to augment your internal resources and solve for business growth challenges.


Your internal team is suffering from alert fatigue and you have uncertainty about how to get ahead of the increasing number of cyber threats and costly ransomware attacks. Learn more about…

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Cloud Infrastructure

Your infrastructure is inefficient which can impact application performance, raise security concerns, and has you spending money on resources you don’t need. Learn more about…

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Modern Work

Your hybrid workforce struggles to collaborate, and business processes seem broken or too time-consuming. Plus, it seems, the more technology you introduce, the greater the inefficiencies get. Learn more about…

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Outsourced IT

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Application Innovation

You have aging applications that cannot be easily moved or modernized which weigh you down and delay your business transformation initiatives.

Data Intelligence

You have too much data without actionable outcomes making you feel data-rich buy analysis-poor. 

Customer Story

Ransomware Exposes Extensive Vulnerabilities

A Midwest-based national food manufacturer suffered a ransomware attack in February 2021, causing major impacts to shipping schedules and other client-facing services. Like most security attacks, this instance exposed many vulnerabilities that existed due to an environment that had grown in size and complexity over the years. As is common, internal technical resources were focused on serving a growing business and keeping up with business needs and user demands versus developing security processes and procedures in parallel with the network’s expansion. By enlisting Netrix Global, they were able to quickly remediate the ransomware attack and gained a 24x7x365 MSSP that augmented the upkeep of security policies and procedures. 

Customer Story

Building Communication and Trust with Your Managed Service Provider

After Lighthouse Group’s managed services provider was acquired, they noticed an unfavorable decline in customer service. Netrix Global listened to the problems they were facing and implemented a high-touch system to seamlessly treat issues. By outsourcing their service desk to Netrix Global, we were able to change their rate of issues addressed within the first four hours from as low as 50% to 83% ticket resolution.