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Co-Managed IT Services

Customized IT Outsourcing for Unique Business Needs

Expand your IT team at a flat monthly fee, opening up your internal resources’ schedules to focus on business impacting initiatives.

Grow Your Team Without Draining Your Budget

Most days, your IT department can hardly see the bottom of their to-do lists. They are often busy with everything from daily mundane tasks like infrastructure maintenance and help desk support, to complex work like cloud migration and keeping up with the latest cybersecurity threats. The constant, overwhelming workload requires your IT department to prioritize some tasks over others, and hiring more IT staff on an already strained IT budget isn’t always a solution.

Enable Your IT Department to Focus on Evolving, Not Managing

Netrix’s skilled, friendly, and courteous experts work alongside your IT team to lighten their workload, redirecting their focus to business-critical strategy and innovation. Depending on your needs, we can supervise, support, or take over IT projects, IT roadmaps, infrastructure monitoring and maintenance, data backups, business continuity planning, system optimization, help desk support, and more, all at a flat monthly fee.

With co-managed IT services, you will:

Lighten Your IT Team's Workload

Customize the level of assistance you need from our IT outsourcing service to free your IT staff from daily mundane tasks or support complex IT projects. 

Get Strategic Guidance from Seasoned Experts

Our business-savvy IT specialists understand your industry-specific tech needs and will help you make the most out of your technology.

Enjoy Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Enable your in-house IT department to focus on innovation and supporting their colleagues, and watch efficiency and productivity increase across your workforce. 

Stay Up-to-Date with Technology Best Practices

Our experts will educate your IT team on the latest technology best practices and emerging cyberthreats to keep you ahead of the curve.

Work with Confidence Knowing Your Networks are Monitored 24/7

The team from Netrix will proactively monitor your entire IT infrastructure round the clock to spot and eliminate potential risks before they cause problems. 

Have all the IT Talent You Need Without Breaking Your Budget

IT outsourcing from Netrix lets you leverage professional assistance from our team of seasoned IT experts without the costs and hassle of hiring a new in-house IT staff.

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