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The latest Work Trend Index tells us that 75% of information workers are using Generative AI in the workplace – the majority just starting within the last 6 months. Copilot for Microsoft 365 has been deployed as a solution for many organizations, but finding the value has been elusive. Join our session to learn how we move Copilot beyond “party tricks,” help organizations truly articulate and build value from Copilot, and deploy it successfully and securely. Netrix’s methodology is rooted in developing use cases that are specific to the industry, job function, and business KPIs.


  • Intro to Copilot
  • Pyramid of Value: Growing Copilot skills to recognize individual, department, and organizational value
  • Industry KPIs
  • Copilot Scenarios: Building Blocks + Library
  • Day in the Life

    1. Executive
    2. Sales
    3. Marketing
    4. HR
    5. Finance
    6. IT

  • Extensibility with LOB Applications using Copilot Studio
  • Demos
  • Copilot Rollout Strategy & Considerations
  • Measuring Success with the Adoption Dashboard in Viva