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Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity & IT Challenges

Netrix Global is an award-winning MSSP and MSP that designs, delivers, and supports business-critical solutions for our clients across the full spectrum of their complex, risky, and ever-changing IT infrastructures. While other providers deliver commoditized projects that only address point-in-time challenges, we are unique in how we partner with our clients to achieve real business outcomes that create lasting value. By continuously evaluating clients’ evolving needs, we ensure that their solutions are always on, always secure, and fully modernized.  


Achieving Real
Business Outcomes

What makes us different is our relentless pursuit of our clients’ best interests. We are very selective in our hiring practices, so our clients work with only the most accomplished engineers, solution architects, and service professionals. You will never get our “B team” because we don’t have one. We provide the highest standards of service, which includes rapid response times to client outreach, fast resolution to issues, and ongoing monitoring of your environment. 


Keeping Our Clients
Ahead of Market Disruptions

We’ve all heard the words of caution shared by leading business strategists, investors, and technology leaders, “Adopt AI, or you’ll be out of business.” AI will soon become a fundamental part of our business infrastructures, changing the way we work, learn, travel, and communicate with each other. So how do you intelligently invest in AI quickly, since the manual on adopting this maturing technology continues to be written? Finding practical uses that drive real business outcomes takes a strong understanding of AI capabilities but an even stronger understanding of the root business challenges. Our methodology backed by our teams of data, AI, and ML experts, will keep your investments in AI strategic and your goals attainable.

Aligned Solutions

We will only recommend services and approaches that serve your greatest needs and that lie within your budget.

Smart Investments

We will never encourage you to invest in technologies unless they achieve lasting, measurable results against your defined objectives.

True Partnership

No one knows your business the way you do, that's why we've honed a focused approach to listening at the forefront of every engagement.

Cybersecurity First

Cybersecurity is at the forefront of everything we do. This is one reason Microsoft chose us as one of its first Managed XDR validated partners in 2022.


It's all about the results. We help clients achieve measurable impacts across an ever-growing list of challenges.


Predicts 2024: AI & Cybersecurity - Turning Disruption Into an Opportunity

It is predicted that AI will disrupt cybersecurity in positive ways, yet also create many short-term disillusions. Security and risk management leaders need to accept that 2023 was just the start for generative AI and prepare for its evolutions. Understanding the threat and incident response is predicted to rise in the coming years, experts share what you need to know to balance cybersecurity with the AI revolution. Download our proprietary research report to learn more.

Delivering The Highest Standards of Service

We’re honored to have received several awards for to our industry leadership, client-centric approach, and employee satisfaction.
The most important feedback we receive, of course, is from our clients.

Turning Your Obstacles Into Opportunities

Protection network1

Keeping Your Business Secure >

Actively defend against cyber threats 24x7 and keep your business protected from loss and downtime suffered when an attack inevitably occurs.


Staying Competitive in Today's Markets >

Digitally transform your business through modern tools and applications to stay competitive in changing landscapes and venture into new markets.

Cloud database1

Finding Cost Efficiencies >

Decrease your infrastructure TCO and uncover cost efficiencies while you change your IT department from a cost center to an agile innovation hub.

Analysis database1

Filling Gaps in Your Skills & Schedules >

Get your IT teams the support they need for administrative tasks and refocus your internal resources on driving your business forward.

Jump into Action When Ransomware Strikes

When ransomware took down this national food manufacturer’s systems during an off-hours event, they needed a partner that could spring into action quickly and keep their business from further loss.

See The Proven Results >

Building Solutions
Across Six Key Focus Areas

At Netrix Global, we continually work to provide the tools and technology that companies need in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

6 Solutions- Cybersecurity 2


Strengthen your security operations.


We defend against increasing security threats so you can rest easy knowing your business is always online and always secure.
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6 Solutions- Outsourced IT 2

Outsourced IT

Outsource your employee support and IT operations.

Outsourced IT

We provide 24x7 service desk support so you can optimize your day-to-day operations and refocus your teams where they're needed - on innovation.
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6 Solutions- Cloud Infastructure 2

Cloud Infrastructure

A cloud strategy designed just for you.

Cloud Infrastructure

We eliminate the headache of cloud management so you can focus on growing your business.
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6 Solutions- Application Innovation 2

Application Innovation

Applications built to meet your unique business needs.

Application Innovation

We develop and modernize custom applications in the cloud so you can stay competitive and actualize your valuable ideas.
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6 Solutions- Modern Work 1

Modern Work

Enabling today's modern workplace.

Modern Work

We build the collaboration solutions you need so you can increase productivity, no matter where your employees are located.
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6 Solutions- Data Intelligence 2

Data Intelligence

Empower a data-driven culture.

Data Intelligence

We assess, develop, and manage your business-critical databases so you can make smarter business decisions in real-time.
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Take a Look at Our Robust Portfolio of
Integrated Services

Our solution areas are backed by a portfolio of services and capabilities that help us develop an IT vision designed specifically to meet your business objectives.

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