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Get Your Data Ready for Copilot
Copilot for Microsoft 365 can leverage your company’s own content and increase your users’ productivity. However, it’s important to first evaluate your company’s risk for Copilot – How secure is your Microsoft 365 cloud? Do you have a well-defined permissions structure, and a clear data governance strategy? Copilot can be a game changer, yet the value of making sure your data is secure and governed correctly before applying generative AI tools cannot be underestimated. Learn more from our experts on this webinar.
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Cybersecurity Challenges

Modernize Your Phone System and Contact Center with TetraVX

TetraVX is our homegrown cloud-based phone system and contact center platform. Delivering communications for the modern era is easy with TetraVX due to its flexibility and integration capabilities. Empower your workforce to work from anywhere, with any device, all with pricing models that make sense for your business.

Cloud-Based PBX
Gain the functionality of a modern phone system with enhanced voice, SMS, and FoIP functionality.

Connect  Any Device, Anywhere
Equipped with softphone applications for PC, Mac, tablet, and mobile devices, you can connect from any device, anywhere. 

Leverage Existing SIP Phones
TetraVX works with most standard SIP phones to make sure you can continue to use the hard phones you already have.

Easy to Deploy
TetraVX is built for the cloud and can be easily deployed with little to no dependencies, no VPN or private connection required. 

Easy to Manage
TetraVX has easy-to-use admin and user portals that provide visibility and management of all phone and contact center features. 

Integrate Your Business
With features like click-to-call and CRM screen pop, you gain the ability to adapt the TetraVX platform to meet your unique workflows. 

Robust Client Conversations
TetraVX provides centralized management of voice, email, web chat, messenger apps, and social media messages between your clients and contact center agents.

Centralizing Multiple Channels
TetraVX goes beyond multi-channel communications to true omnichannel management by centralizing communication history across client records so no matter the channel or agent, they get a seamless experience.

Robust Reporting
Get complete visibility into your business with advanced reporting and analytics for contact center performance and efficiencies. 

Why opt for an all-in-one platform?

Ease of Administration

Leverage a single admin portal to manage your entire communications and collaboration environment

Single Sources of Support

Administrative becomes even easier with one provider for support and billing

Single Sources of Analytics

Gain a complete view of your employee and customer communications

Single User Experience

Whether back-office or customer service agent, all users benefit from a single UI

The Hackers Don't Sleep And Neither Do We

Be prepared for anything with our 24x7x365 Managed Detection and Response services.