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The Corporate Project Manager’s Path

When you’re the PM for your company’s build-out, you want an experienced technology partner. 

We recently spoke with a project manager who had a large buildout completed a year ago. Here’s where things stand: the conference rooms, into which a great amount of cost, planning, and work was spent, have a disappointing utilization of 40%. They are considering turning them into project spaces. The workers are jammed into a small amount of square footage, and no, they are not happy.

Time and money have been wasted. ROI is dreadful. And now more adjustment has to be made to make the space usable. This is clearly a failed project.

Our process ensures such a dismal result will not be part of your story. Here it is: 




We have conversations with you, your stakeholders, and we survey your employees. We analyze any data you may have.


We deliver a report based on our research. We bring you our conclusions on what conference spaces, huddle rooms, open collaboration areas, workspace, and all the other essentials needed for an effective digital workplace.



Development of Technology Concepts

In this phase, we develop a plan for hardware needs, software needs, and how they will all work together. We also work with you to create a budget. This is especially crucial as IT and AV spending can now be as high as 25% the cost of a build-out. We prepare documentation you can share with your decision makers.

Design for Internal Systems

Now we start working on the actual schematics and plans. We work with your architect to ensure we are creating an integrated approach for the best possible end result.




We work with construction to ensure the technology is integrated properly into the building plan.

We introduce your employees to their new, modern, digital workplace.

User Adoption

To ensure the investment in your technology pays off, we initiate a protracted training process with your employees that includes multiple touchpoints and data analysis over a period of time.


We analyze utilization and overall engagement between your users and the space over a period of time. We make tweaks to the technology or re-engage the employees for training in areas where we see your ROI is not ideal.

To add to all this is our Client Advocate. This is a member of our team whose job is to serve as a point-person for you in every step of the process. Is everything you’re asking for being done? What if you don’t understand a piece of technology? What if you’re not happy with a certain aspect of the process? Our client advocate will support you and back you to get issues like these resolved.



Do you have more questions about the journey?
Please reach out to us. We always love hearing from you!

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