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Five9 Contact Center Integration with TetraVX

Our Five9 integration allows for more effective communication between Five9 agents and back office subject matter experts (SMEs) in order to resolve issues on the first call as well as empower agents.


Telephony connect (SIP trunk):

  • Enables toll-free calling between Five9 agents and back-office workers using TetraVX
  • Route & forward calls from TetraVX auto-attendant to Five9 agents or from Five9 contact center to specialist work groups outside the contact center

Address book & Presence States: 

  • Agents have access to the consolidated directory for their contact center groups and TetraVX groups
  • Directory includes contacts’ presence states: available, away, busy, offline
  • Agents can search as well as filter the directory by groups/ roles /presence states

Contact Cards: 

  • Agents can view detailed contact cards including name, email, department, phone number, company, location and time zone.
  • Contacts need to have a 10-digit number in order to be called

Conference & Transfer: 

  • Agents can place the customer on hold while calling a back-office expert
  • Agents can transfer the customer to a back-office expert
  • Agents can conference the back-office expert into the call

User Authentication:  

  • Five9 integration with TetraVX provides auto authentication to TetraVX in order to eliminate a second login by the agent
  • A Five9 admin configuration step is required to enable this auto-login


Customer experience: 

  • Agents speed up customer resolution times by consulting experts directly
  • Improved customer experience with fewer transferred calls
  • Increased customer loyalty

Agent performance: 

  • Increased first call resolution
  • Lower agent frustration which leads to lower agent attrition
  • Improved agents’ skills

IT cost savings: 

  • Calls forwarded between Contact Center & UC platforms are free of charge 
  • Increased collaboration between agents and knowledge workers by breaking down silos of communication


  • Platform requirements:
    • Five9 Contact Center
    • TetraVX UC system
  • SIP Trunk in place between you and Five9
  • Five9 application support:
    • ADP
    • CRM Plus adapters (Salesforce, MSFT Dynamics and many others)
  • Regional requirements: US/Canada

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