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An omnichannel contact center allows agents and customers to interact over several communication channels all while delivering a seamless experience. Allow your agents to easily manage all communication channels through a single user desktop.

Add Any Channel at Any Time


Integrate your existing telephony system with our omnichannel solution and allow agents to control phone calls all through a single dashboard.

Web Chat

Offer live web chat services from your website with a simple web API. Omnichannel manages, routes, and transcribes all chat interactions.


Efficiently manage large volumes of customer emails in a personalized manner without compromising on service levels.

Messaging Apps

Engage in real-time conversations with customers using messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Whatsapp, and more.

SMS Texts

Enable 2-way SMS text conversations between customers and agents as well as distribute large volume outbound SMS messages.

Social Media

Monitor your company’s social media channels and respond to notifications and messages in real-time all through your contact center.


Omnichannel agent desktop allows agents to manage all of their customer interactions in a single application, easily switching between multiple concurrent customer interactions across all channels. 

Key Features

  • Communicate at the moment and keep everyone in the know
  • Integrated Microsoft 365 experience
  • Manage all your conversations, files, and tools in one team workspace
  • Customizable and extensible
  • Tailor your Teams workspace to include data and apps your teams use every day
  • Enterprise security, compliance & manageability
  • Security, compliance, and management features you expect from Microsoft 365


Omnichannel administration capabilities give supervisors full control over day-to-day contact center activities, enabling them with real-time queue information across all channels, service level performance, and the current status of each agent. 

Key Features:

  • Live monitoring of agent interactions with the ability to provide advice or barge-in
  • Ability to review and approve agent responses to emails and social posts
  • Ability to override the queue algorithm to assign customers to a specific agent
  • Monitor SLAs across all channels
  • Complete visibility into all queues in real-time

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