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Contact Center as a Service

Make Your Customer Experience What Sets You Apart

Boost your customer experience and agent efficiency with a cloud-based solution that orchestrates customer interactions across all channels, presenting them in a single user interface. Our as-a-service model enables continuous updates and ongoing proactive monitoring. 

Omnichannel Management

Communicate with Customers Wherever They Are

Easily manage inbound and outbound customer communications using a variety of traditional and digital channels.

Not sure you’re ready to take them all on at once? Because we built our platform with stand-alone modules, you can add channels and functionality as your business needs arise.

Better Customer Experience

Integrate multiple channels into a single dashboard for simple agent management.

Improve Agent Productivity

Deliver a personalized experience across all channels by uniquely identifying customers.

Complete Visibility for Management

Eliminate long customer wait times with callback requests across an array of channels.

The as-a-Service Advantage

Instead of your current IT staff putting out your contact center fires, we proactively manage and update your system.

Advanced Routing

Delivering Consistency and Personalization

As customers jump between channels and agents, they expect a fully connected process. By bringing together your company’s key data sources and all customer interactions, we can route customers in a way that delivers real continuity and personalization.


Customer Journey & Sentiment

Use contact interaction history to ensure that requests are routed to the right agent.


CRM Database

‘Dip’ into any data source to search for caller details, prioritizing and routing callers based on the information.


Agent Skills

Assign inbound communications to the most suitable agent instead of simply choosing the next available.


Business Rules

Route and distribute inbound communications based on business rules like holidays, inquiry types, business hours, and more.

MultiChannel Callback

Eliminate Long Wait Times that Lead to Frustrated Customers

Waiting for agent availability is frustrating. Reduce abandoned calls by allowing your customers to request a callback, whether immediately or scheduled, from both your voice and digital channels without losing their place in line. 

Outbound Dialer

Optimize Your Agent’s Outreach

Eliminate busy tones, voicemails, and disconnected calls from agent’s daily activity allowing them to focus more time on helping customers and closing deals. With Preview and Progressive options, you can build and track a variety of campaign types. 

Agent & Supervisor Dashboards

Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-Manage 

Enable agents and managers to manage concurrent customer interactions, across all channels, in a single application. Managers additionally have complete control over day-to-day activities, enabling them with real-time queue information across all channels. 

Voice of the Customer

Analyze and Improve Your Customer Satisfaction

Our Voice of the Customer (VoC) features allow the capture, storage, and analysis of customer satisfaction feedback through feedback surveys and agent wrap-ups. 

the advantages of the as-a-service model

Free Your IT Staff and Have Proactive Contact Center Management

With the as-a-service model, Netrix Global will proactively manage your contact center, taking care of issues before they impact your environment and ensuring your customer service is continuously running the latest software updates an is free of technical hiccups.

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