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Your Law Firm’s Collaboration Guide

Netrix knows your law firm has unique needs. A Microsoft Gold Partner and a Top Teams Partner, Netrix is an experienced guide on the path to a secure custom collaboration solution.



See how we helped a law firm with a tight timeframe and an urgent need for a capable IT partner. Download the case study.


Envisioning ENGAGMENT

See what can be done to enhance your collaboration tools while keeping your critical documents secure. Learn more.

We have experience helping law firms with a wide array of technical solutions. We bring you the benefits updating your collaboration technology. And we ensure it’s done securely.

Get on the Path to Level Up Your Law Firm’s Collaboration Game

Teams Direct Routing

Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams is an alternate dial-tone solution for organizations that are not interested in deploying on-premises SBC appliances or having Microsoft as their PSTN/Carrier. With our Hosted Direct Routing, we can provide cost-effective PSTN calling plans through the native Teams interface.

Contact Center Integration

Integrating your contact center with Microsoft Teams, can streamline communications and make delivery of customer service easier for your agents. Incorporate SMS, e911, and bring screen pops to your agents’ toolbox. Download our e-book, 7 Reasons to Integrate Your Contact Center with Microsoft Teams.

Teams Managed Services

Netrix provides direct routing, 24/7 support, and network monitoring, so you get the most out of our Microsoft Teams solution. With our services, organizations can leverage cost-effective inbound and outbound PSTN calling through Teams without having to pay for the Microsoft calling plan prices. We act as your carrier and SBC backbone, providing value beyond just PSTN.

Managed Room Kits

When you think about a huddle room or meeting room, there’s a bunch of hardware and software that must work seamlessly for a successful user experience. There are devices on the table, screens, microphones, cameras, projectors and cabling. Your IT shouldn’t have to be proficient in meeting room management and support for your employees.

Microsoft Room Kits were designed and perfected by Netrix to provide an affordable user experience across your organizations’ users, buyers, accountants, management, and leadership.

How Envisioning Can Help Your Law Firm

Our proven process assures you’re presented with the right solution for your law firm’s unique needs.


The purpose is to gain an understanding of the technology culture, the different ways employees use existing technology, the current perspective toward technology, and the existing workflow. Data can be collected through user community surveys, one-to-many stakeholder interviews, and/or group sessions. As part of project mobilization, Netrix will work with project sponsors to identify specific participants and set-up sessions.


The purpose of this phase is to analyze the results of the surveys and interviews and describe the current state of the collaboration environment. Any existing data or studies will also be reviewed as part of this process. Netrix will detail common themes and identify opportunities and alignment to technologies.


The final deliverable is designed to facilitate discussion and serves as a starting point for concepts, recommendations and key considerations.

We maintain a portfolio of strategic partners who help us do things better, faster. Netrix is one of those partners and I am really impressed by their knowledge, quality of service, and the technologies they support. Recently, we transitioned to Microsoft Teams and the Netrix team helped with the selection, procurement, and room hardware installation process.

Jason B. Schultz


Top Microsoft Teams Partner

Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Specialist

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