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Netrix Private Cloud

Netrix Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is built for organizations looking for an easy-to-implement solution with simplified control and self-provisioning. 

What is Netrix Private Cloud? 

Netrix Private Cloud is a fully managed, VMware-based IaaS platform that provides a self-service portal for simplified management and billing. Our Private Cloud is located with Netrix owned and operated Tier3, SOC2, Type II Data Centers.

Customized Private Cloud Systems
Web-Based Virtual Machines and Security Management
Flexible Sizing Options via Self-Service Portal
Ability to Size On Demand
Monthly Billing & Reporting
Why Private Cloud?

Start Your Journey to the Cloud

For organizations who want to take advantage of cloud technologies but have legacy applications they’re not ready to lose, Netrix Private Cloud is a perfect intermediary step.

Meet Strict Security Standards

Netrix Private Cloud has built-in firewall and additional advanced security measures such as IDS, IPS, and Pen Testing.


Supplement Your Public Cloud Strategy

Netrix’s private cloud can be added to your hybrid cloud strategy to meet your unique business needs.

Only Pay for the Resources you Need

Public pricing models can have you paying for resources you don’t need. With Netrix Private Cloud, we have more usage options which means you only pay for what you use. 

Our Data Centers

Our Netrix-owned SOC II Tier 3 enhanced data centers have state-of-the-art power, cooling, containment, monitoring, network, and security configuration that meets the highest levels of industry best practices. 

With over 200 engineering resources globally and agreements with multiple Tier 1 global carrier partners, the quality of our data center operations surpasses that of traditional public cloud platforms.


Why Netrix?

A Complete Cloud Solution, Supported by Market-Leading Vendors

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