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Document Automation

Netrix’s expertise in custom application development and data integration across technologies, combined with our experience in document generation, can help you produce the right documents on-demand.

Document Generation

Document generation becomes powerful and transformative when business users can create their own templates and easily incorporate data from disparate data sources. Complex processes and workflows that produce documents can be automated using document generation as a part of the solution.  

Netrix can recommend and implement various document management solutions. With implementations ranging from small organizations with just a few templates to a full-blown publication solution for large enterprises, Netrix’s experienced team can provide the right solution for you.

Document Management

Document management controls the life cycle of documents in your organization — how they are created, reviewed, and published, and how they are ultimately disposed of or retained.

An effective document management system should reflect the culture of the organization that uses it. The tools that you use for document management should be flexible enough to enable you to tightly control a document’s life cycle if that fits your company’s culture and goals, but also to let you implement a more loosely structured system, if that better suits your enterprise.

Netrix can help create processes and tools to meet all of your document management needs. With successful implementations in various verticals, the Netrix team has helped companies of all sizes meet their document management needs. 

Solution Capabilities with Netrix

Netrix can help shift template-creation ability from the developer to the end-user via Microsoft Office 365, contributing to faster time to market due to simplified coding. Integrate easily into your application with .NET or Java code libraries and API calls for seamless integration with existing applications.

Intuitive design tools:

  • Produce PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, and more reports
  • Professional, visually impressive charts, graphs, documents
  • Consistent report templates across the organization
  • No limit to the number of pages on a document template
  • Place your data with drag and drop capabilities
  • Leverage reusable components for quicker template creation
  • Multiple data source types supported (SQL, Oracle, XML, JSON, etc.)

Simple and easy to implement:

  • Add reporting and document generation functionality into your new or existing software application—in as little as 10-20 lines of code
  • Truly free-form design and formatting through Office 365
  • Ease-of-use simplicity: Drag and Drop data and charts
  • Query wizards to save development time
  • Minimal training necessary
  • Image handling – scaling, etc. as appropriate
Fast and flexible:
  • Document generation engines available as .NET, Java, or Restful
  • Extremely flexible report creation
  • High throughput: thousands to millions of reports
  • Report generation measured in pages per second, not seconds per page
  • Very affordable with high ROI potential

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