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Greater Agility and Effective Business Automation with DevOps.

DevOps Managed Services

Netrix provides DevOps-as-a-Service so that businesses can meet the always-on demand of their customers. Get agile automation and deploy updates that respond to the needs and development of your business. At Netrix, our DevOps solutions help you achieve just that. With continuous integration and delivery, we help ensure your business can effectively manage development, testing, and deployment as one seamless process, without any unnecessary loss of time.

DevOps Managed Services

As we mentioned, DevOps as a service is not only efficient to develop software but also to speed up the delivery. For efficient implementation, your business needs a DevOps managed service provider for configuring the web hosting applications. To meet demanding delivery requirements, the virtual platform must be as fluid as the application. Moreover, deployment from development to production needs to be automatic. No need to keep the customer waiting and generating dissatisfaction.


DevOps in AWS Cloud

Integration with Amazon Web Services ensures automation of our customers’ business activities. Our DevOps support ensures deployment, configuration and web application maintenance. Set up environments faster, but in a standardized manner. With Netrix’s DevOps managed services, you experience the full benefits of AWS automation. Without concerns regarding manual processes-related issues, you can ensure agility and reduced HR maintenance cost.

DevOps in Microsoft Azure Cloud

With  DevOps, your organization can really experience the advantage of the cloud. Allocate resources quickly and cost-effectively to Microsoft Azure with Netrix’s managed web services, and increase flexibility for your business operations. Netrix’s integration with Managed Azure services ensures you can speed up your organizational workflow. With our DevOps service integrated with the cloud, the phases from development to production move ahead quickly and smoothly, and the cloud-located application is provisioned and configured expectedly.


What Distinguishes Netrix from Other DevOps Service Providers


  • We open up the entire world of DevOps to you.
  • We can provide DevOps engineers or even entire DevOps teams for your business.
  • The Netrix team knows the best DevOps tools out there and has a great level of expertise in DevOps on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure environments.
  • You’ll be working hand in hand with some of the best DevOps teams.

Different DevOps practices that we offer

Continuous Integration [CI]

With CI,  the build and code testing processes are automated each time a member of the software team commits changes to the version control. It avoids any disconnect in the planning, design and deployment.

Continuous Delivery

An extension of continuous integration, this facilitates automatic building, testing and preparation of code changes to be released to production. Code changes get deployed to a testing or production environment right after the build, facilitating agility.


Microservice excellence brings greater operational efficiency and agility. Microservices ensure greater flexibility and speed in software development.

Infrastructure as Code [IaC]

IaC allows operations teams  to provision through code automatically rather than manually, facilitating agility and faster processing.  

Configuration Management

With efficient, automated configuration management, critical applications are deployed faster. It ensures perfection, minimizing risk of human error.

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