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Transform Data into Knowledge

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

We create tools to help medium- to enterprise-sized companies view analytical data in a way that helps them make the right strategic decisions.

We help our clients to process information and deliver superior results with a strategic edge. Our solutions will help your organization achieve better ROI with cost-effective solutions.

Our Approach

In a fast-moving digital and mobile world, the Netrix Data Intelligence guides clients through the business value of IT. We help our clients understand and leverage cloud+data center, end-user computing, corporate data security, virtualization, storage, and intellectual property.

Business Intelligence Application Development

With a mission to empower organizations to visualize and improve the data around them, Netrix custom business intelligence solutions will help you run your business smoothly. Our custom dashboards and data visualization reports will help your organization to gather insights on your business goals which will help you to increase your revenue. We will partner with you to create a robust analytics strategy through which you can achieve better decision making and agility.


Incorporate proven methodologies and techniques with business intelligence solutions to access and present data in faster and more meaningful ways. Provide decision-makers with access to the information they need when they need it in a format they can use.


Meet both your self-service and enterprise data analytics needs leveraging all of your data platforms. We can help you consolidate and connect data and create powerful reports to support improved decision-making in your organization. Go from data to insights and insights to action with tools which can easily build business applications and automate workflows based on your data.


Business intelligence

Move your business intelligence (BI) efforts from IT-owned to IT-enabled to help users create their own reports and visualizations. We can help ensure the right data is relevant and visible to the appropriate users and reports and visualizations are accessible to the right users in the right places.


Artificial Intelligence

Netrix Global has worked with a number of clients to implement AI based solutions for their organization. Learn how we can help your business leverage AI to improve customer experience, quality and efficiency.


Power BI Consulting

As your dependence on data to make key business decisions increases, the tools you use to distill the data should provide actionable insights. Are you using the most up-to-date tools to get the best insight from your data, or are you still utilizing Excel?

Dashboards like Power BI can save you time and resources by shrinking large amounts of data into an easy-to-digest presentation. As power BI consultants, we will help you to create custom dashboards by pulling data and organizing it into different data models. We then help you to visualize your data through a variety of charts and other graphic cues that will help you visualize your data and more easily make good business decisions.

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