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A Look At Our Custom Application Development Process

The Netrix Way is our proven approach to partnering with your business and IT stakeholders to design and build solutions to complex business problems. Our process is built on the principles of the Agile development process and begins with a Project Springboard – an investment we make with you to determine an initiative’s budget and timeline.

Our Process Starts with a Project Springboard

Do you have a planned custom solution for your organization? Do you want to know what it would take to implement that solution from a budget and timeline perspective? Our Project Springboard will answer those questions for you for no cost to your organization. Here’s how the process works.


Step 1

First identify a business need for a custom solution within your organization.


Step 2

We conduct a project springboard meeting with both IT and business stakeholders within your organization to gather the high-level requirements for the custom solution.


Step 3

We then go to work on building a prioritized and categorized backlog of the requirements gathered during the project springboard meeting. We’ll review this backlog and the priorities with you to confirm we have it correct. We’ll also work with you on what should be included in an initial release.


Step 4

We then size each backlog item for us to determine a budget, timeline and team size for implementing the initial release. We’ll also create a high-level architecture for the solution.


Step 5

We then present the findings to your IT and business stakeholders and allow you to determine if moving forward makes sense.

Benefits of the Process



Born from our biggest, most challenging projects.


Clear cadence with deliverables at each stage.



Complete visibility into your project every step of the way.

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