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Maximize the Power of the Cloud

As a provider of private cloud and public cloud managed services, we help you maximize the power of cloud computing to drive agility and keep you ahead of the curve. Whether Microsoft Azure, AWS, or a hybrid environment, we can help you build a custom solution that fits your needs. 


Netrix private cloud

An easy-to-use cloud management platform (CMP) that allows you to manage your private and public clouds.


Hybrid Datacenter

As an AWS and Azure service Partner, we help you maximize the power of cloud managed services

Netrix Cloud Managed Services

Netrix provides cloud service expertise for organizations looking to deploy flexibility, functionality, and efficiency across their business. We believe in simplifying the adoption, consumption, and support of disparate cloud technologies. By reversing the traditional approach which focuses on the technology first, we have developed products and managed cloud services with a focus on people.

Public Cloud

Netrix provides public and hybrid environments for CloudHelm, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Rackspace.

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Cloud Managed Services

Netrix’s cloud managed service offerings not only address the break/fix requirements but also align our proactive services to provide full life-cycle management.

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Multi-Cloud Management

Netrix provides a multi-cloud management solution with the ability to create and manage multiple private, public and hybrid cloud solutions from a portal quickly and easily.

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Cloud Migration

The Netrix Cloud Accelerate program is a proactive approach to accelerating your cloud migrations. Get to the cloud faster!

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Private Enterprise

Netrix CloudHelm Private Enterprise is a turn-key, on-premise private cloud solution that is engineered, deployed, and remotely managed on your behalf.

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Qualified Multi-tenant Hoster

Netrix is one of a few authorized Microsoft QMTH partners to host your Windows virtual machines.

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Becoming a Market Leader

How Tricast becomes a market leader after migrating to Microsoft Azure for better client support.

Get to the Cloud Faster

With the Netrix Cloud Accelerate Program

If you’re like many organizations that have started their migration to the cloud, you may have found that it’s taking longer than expected or is more expensive than you originally budgeted. For others still looking to migrate to the cloud, with so many options available, how do you know you’ll make the right decision?

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  • Increase in public cloud adoption – 92%
  • Cloud Users Set an Aggressive Migration Agenda – 75%
  • Enterprises who have a multi-cloud strategy – 81%

Cloud Partners

Netrix provides cloud experts and platforms dedicated to giving your organization optimal cloud performance, saving you time and unnecessary waste of your resources. We have specialties covering the top cloud service provides for multi-tenant, public, private, and hybrid solutions.

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