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Netrix Global Announces today that it is recognized as a Microsoft-Verified Managed XDR Partner

by | Dec 19, 2022 | Data Analytics, Security

Netrix is Now MXDR Verified! 

We are proud to share that Netrix Global is one of the first Microsoft partners to be selected and then verified to deliver and support Microsoft’s Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) solution ! This means that we have the right experts available to implement and run Microsoft’s security solutions for your business.  Be one of the first to activate this intelligent solution as part of your line of security defenses ! 

Why This is Important 

The nature of security threats has become more insidious.  As IT organizations often have the physical infrastructure in conjunction with a proliferation of home grown, SaaS and hosted solutions, it is getting increasingly difficult for them to keep track of known threats and respond to them.   

Responding to known threats represents a fraction of security incidents and in the same way that viruses and modern attacks do.  It has become important, therefore, for security solutions to be intelligent and detect and mitigate known threats, as well as anticipating unknown threats. 

MXDR collects, detects, and responds to threats across a wide range of security solutions.  Not only does it serve as a single interface into security tools, but MXDR collates data across solutions then uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automation to proactively respond to threats based on suspicious activity.   Microsoft’s XDR solution is differentiated in that it is built with Microsoft’s solutions in mind and provides detection, response, analytics, and insight into their solutions that no one else can claim.

The Significance of Netrix Global’s MXDR Verification 

Given that MXDR demands a clear understanding of security vulnerabilities and a wide range of Microsoft security solutions, it is a lot for one security team to manage and operate, especially in a time when many struggle to keep the right security IT staff on hand. MXDR allows you to stare into your security ‘crystal ball’ and predict the future, providing insight into historical threats and future ones. 

In order to achieve this status, Netrix Global went through an extensive vetting process that included specific client deployments and demonstrating the expertise to provide this service.  Microsoft chose to work with a select group of partners that they could rely on to manage this solution.  

Netrix Global serves as a trusted advisor across a wide range of Microsoft solutions and provides security solutions for hundreds of clients. Not only is Netrix one of the very first to become MXDR verified, but we are often the first call many of our clients make to respond to emerging security incidents. 

With seven advanced specializations, and a state of the nation SOC, Netrix serves as an MSSP of choice and a Microsoft Security Partner, as well as a Microsoft Solution Partner across Modern Work, Infrastructure/Azure, Data and AI, and Application Innovation.

[ To learn more about how Netrix can protect your IT infrastructure with MXDR, reach out today!] 

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Netrix Global is part of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) which is an ecosystem of independent software vendors (ISV) and managed security service providers (MSSP) that have integrated their solutions with Microsoft’s security technology to defend against a world of increasing threats.  

“We are pleased to be part of the select group of members in the MISA community driving innovation and the path forward for our clients and the security collective,” said Rich Lilly’s Director, Security. “Netrix is committed to being a contributing member to the MISA so that we can help not only our clients but all companies in the Microsoft ecosystem secure their IT and businesses.”