The Top 3 AV Trends in the Workplace for 2020

Navigating AV Evolution: Key Trends for Workplace Enhancement

AV technology has changed the way we communicate and interact, especially in the workplace, where collaboration is the key to productivity and the cornerstone of your company’s success. The ability to connect anywhere at any time has employers scrambling to provide their workforce the most advanced AV products on the market. Below are the top three AV trends to undertake before your organization (re-) designs your new workspace, now and for the future.

1. Get Your Adaptation on with Flexible Workspaces

Traditional workspaces are the dinosaurs of the corporate world. Today’s employees want adaptable, flexible workspaces. With a more digitally enhanced work environment, you can expand your operations and become more efficient. You can move staff meetings to the kitchen. You can stage an impromptu brain-storming session in the lounge. You can listen to your Town Hall on that ultra-comfortable leather couch near the best view in the building. The view is different there, right? The perspective is different—and oh geez! I just got the best idea ever!

See? Just by being more mobile within your office space, you were able to look out the window, see a clown riding a tricycle and BAM! Brand new video idea. Right? The video goes viral. You’re a hero in the office. There’s a large party with marble cake. Your colleagues chant and cheer your name.

Ok. Maybe that’s a bit specific, but you get the idea. Flex that flexibility with the right Audio Visual products there, Hulk Hogan. We’re talking hot desking, remote working, and video collaboration. These can all foster better teamwork.

2. Get AV Tools that Enhances a Collaborative Workspace

For a more collaborative workplace, you’ll need the right AV tools. This goes beyond giving your employees the ability to connect anywhere in the world at any time. With the right Audio Visual Technology package, you can gain the ability to be more productive, more efficient, and more collaborative than ever. Share screens simultaneously. Record your meetings and store them on to the cloud for your teammates. Open a chat group to get some perspective. Oh no! You spelled the vendor’s name wrong!

The key to enhancing a collaborative workspace is to get software that is accessible to all skill levels and extends across all platforms. You need the ability to share content with your organization. You need the ability to host a live videoconference. You also need a huddle room. A huddle room is important. Aaaaand break!

3. The IoT Experience is Happening

It’s important to think about the future of AV technology, especially when the marketplace has seen such a huge explosion of IoT-connected devices in the last few years. In case you sneezed and missed it, IoT is busy dominating the world and already automating workplace functions, from temperature and lighting sensors to voice-activated apps that allow you to access documents or book a meeting room or ask about the company’s holiday schedule, affecting your entire organization from HR to Upper Management. If voice-activated apps make your personal life easier, imagine what automation and IoT-connected devices can do for your work life.

One thing is certain: There’s nothing more powerful than having the most advanced AV products at your disposal in the workplace. What AV trends do you see happening in the future?