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Road Trip to the Technology Enabled Workplace for Architects

Transforming Construction with Technology: Netrix's Approach to a Digital Workplace

Video conferencing, social networks, experience centers, and virtual office technologies have lifted traditional workplace boundaries. As the digital workplace evolves to become more mobile, agile, and personalized, the one-size-fits-all model is no longer relevant today. Successfully designing and deploying a “digital workplace” is challenging. It’s not just about deploying technology for technology’s sake. It’s about improving an organization’s performance, creating a uniform human experience with collaboration, and sustaining success well into the future.

During the construction process, historically, technology isn’t a priority from the beginning of a project. Commercial real estate, which is traditionally a paper and pen-based business, has been slow to adopt technology. The fact is, technology has changed the playing field, and for early adopters, it can create a lasting breakthrough performance.

The best place to start is by examining how technology can achieve fundamental business goals. Netrix partners directly with architect firms to seamlessly implement a technology-enabled workplace that improves and complements their existing practice techniques. Here’s how we do it:


During a construction build-out, Netrix bridges the gap between architecture firm decision makers and corporate IT. We work as the single point of contact and take full ownership of technology, serving as the glue, translator and essentially the IT expert. We provide guiding principles that enable architects to see designs through an entirely new lens and create realistic overlays that transform their view of existing conditions. Netrix brings to the table strategic decisions as to which technologies make the most sense, and which will best create new levels of value for the business.

This allows CRE executives and corporate IT to focus on what they do best, while Netrix’s Lead IT Architects provide 24/7 vigil over critical technology solutions. We understand all the technology work specifications that must be implemented to provide clients a real technology – enabled workspace vision. While achieving this we also implement an environment that enhances user experience.


IT budgeting from the beginning of the build-out process is essential to reduce the number of potential threats, change orders, and revisions in space plan drawings. Netrix creates proper IT budgets that align with architects and corporate IT’s expectations and understandings of where to put investments. We look at previous projects, inspect the different spaces, and get down to all the small details to provide much better bets in the end. Our Lead IT Architects understand all components of a budget like logical designs, wireless, solution packages, licensing, maintenance, adoption training, and professional services. When IT budgeting is properly implemented early in the process, it gives a business the opportunity to decide how much they want to spend, so they can get the most effective results they are looking for in the end.


When designing a building, especially with technology, it is easy to mistake additions to enhancements. Implementing a successful technology-enabled build-out can become overwhelming for architects because they are suddenly working with a new toolbox of technology solutions. When working with Netrix, the planning and design process is fully integrated with the Architects, to ensure the best components are being utilized for the business and end-users.

Making accurate technology decisions throughout a construction process requires a certain level of expertise, investment, and resources. Our Lead IT Architect’s focus on continually reevaluating and prioritizing the most critical components of technology throughout construction. This process enables us to identify essential inputs, manage expectations, endure ambiguity, optimize judgment, and ask the right questions at the right time. Adjusting throughout the design process and collaboratively working together saves time, money, and improves long-term decisions relative to equipment investment.


In an industry that emphasizes the importance of networking and relationships, it’s natural to lean on personal interactions to form judgments and make decisions. However, in a world with an increasingly complex web of employees, vendors, customers, and partners, depending on personal familiarity can be unreliable for business.

Traditionally, when it comes to implementing technology in a workplace build-out, it has been presented as a single point patchwork solution on the road to a build-out. For example, one LED motion graphics walls displayed here; an HVAC remote monitoring solution gets deployed there, followed by implementing lighting control systems, leading to a separate security sensor system installed. In short, when multiple technology vendors are involved, it creates more chaotic disruption and new complexities rather than cohesion.

Netrix provides architects the advanced technology, resources, and partnerships needed to address much of the patchwork problems. Serving as a one-stop-shop solutions provider allows Netrix to replace the reliance on multiple vendors and takes extraneous correspondences off the architect’s back. This in turn, dramatically drops the costs to implement programs and paves the way for successful technology-enabled workplace adoption.


It is no surprise that technology will continue to develop and change the playing field for businesses. Netrix’s continuous determination to act with change provides the necessary alignment between architects, business, and technology. Technology is a constantly evolving journey, and we know the importance of fluidity, adaptation, and change. Our partnerships with architects allow CRE decisions makers to adopt technology in a workplace build-out seamlessly. Click to learn more about Netrix’s Digital Workplace.