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The Architect’s Path

As an architect, you want to see people actively engaged in the spaces you design.

But now ever-changing technology is making subject engagement a moving target.

This is where we can be very helpful. As a technology integrator, Netrix works with architects from the start of a project to ensure the end result is warmly received and actively used. We work to ensure your design is not tarnished by underused technology.

From the beginning we link you up with our Lead IT Architect to ensure that your design efforts in sync with technology needs early on. This gives you an expert you can turn to for any technology questions you have at the start moving through the design process.

Here’s what we do:



We have conversations with your clients, and we survey the employees. We analyze their data.


We deliver a report based on our research. We bring you space planning conclusions on what conference rooms, huddle rooms, open collaboration areas, workspace, and all other essentials needed for an effective digital workplace. We work with you to determine how tech needs can inform your design.



Development of Technology Concepts

In this phase, we develop a plan for IT and AV needs, and how they will all work together. We also work with you and the client to create a budget. 

Design for Internal Systems

We work with you to ensure we are creating an integrated approach for the best possible end result.




We work with the construction company to ensure the build goes according to plan. After the construction dust has settled, we introduce your client’s employees to their new, modern, digital workplace.

User Adoption

To ensure the technology in your design has proper engagement, we initiate a training process with the subjects.


We analyze utilization and overall engagement between the users and the space over a period of time. We make tweaks to the technology or re-engage the employees for training in areas where we see engagement is not ideal.

Ever-changing technology has brought new challenges to architectural planning and design for the modern digital workplace. Netrix gets that. We want to work with you, the architect, to ensure technology works with your design rather than against it. 

Do you have more questions about the journey? Please reach out to us. We always love hearing from you!

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