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How identity is improving security and reducing costs in a remote work world

Join Microsoft and Netrix experts to learn how organizations of all sizes are using identity-based security to provide stronger, more efficient protections to improve their security posture and their bottom line.

February 9th, 2021

Transforming Security Operations Center to a Modern SOC

Learn from our experts on how to improve your Security Operations Center.

Previously Recorded Webinar

Legal Q&A: Liabilities and Obligations for Getting your Employees Back to the Office

Hear an attorney and a workplace strategist discuss the legal liability concerns for office re-entry. We will answer the questions that are on everyone’s mind regarding coming back to work.

Previously Recorded Webinar

Free Azure AD with MFA and SSO for an Unlimited Number of Cloud Apps

In this webinar, we will show you how to use Azure AD single sign-on (SSO) with as many cloud applications as you’d like across all pricing tiers, including Azure AD Free.

Previously Recorded Webinar

Bridge Your Office and Your Remote Workers with Microsoft Teams

Are your remote employees up and running with Teams? Let us show you how Microsoft Teams Rooms can help the transition back to the workplace.

Previously Recorded On-Demand Webinar

Microsoft Executive Security & Compliance Summit

Make sure that legal representation is the sole owner of data in a public cloud. We will be leading a discussion on Microsoft’s position on this topic as well as explaining how M365 Security helps simplify security in the legal industry. Click “Coming Soon” now for more info!

Previously Recorded On-Demand Webinar

Mastering Your Office Re-entry

Hear experts on workplace technology, office design, and workplace strategy regarding the next-generation workspace, and how it relates to our transition back to the office as COVID-19 restrictions ease.

Previously Recorded On-Demand Webinar

Visualize Your “Back to the Workplace™”

As your employees transition back to the office, will your workplace be ready? Join us to hear experts from Netrix and AgilQuest share practices and technologies that can help.

Previously Recorded On-Demand Webinar

Responding to the New Normal: How to Prevent Added Risk in Your Business

With more employees than ever working remotely, there are numerous potential threats that organizations must be aware of. Let’s take a look at five pressing concerns that should be top of mind right now for cybersecurity professionals.

Previously Recorded On-Demand Webinar

Optimize Microsoft Teams for Your Organization

This extended webinar that will inform you of the best Microsoft Teams practices.  We cover a wide range of topics including governance, security, migration and user adoption. Watch the recording to ensure your organization is utilizing Teams properly!

Previously Recorded On-Demand Webinar

What’s new in Microsoft Endpoint Management

We are excited to share with you some announcements Microsoft is making to simplify IT management.

Previously Recorded On-Demand Webinar

Enabling Microsoft Intune at Scale on Unmanaged and Managed Mobile Devices

Join us and learn how to take advantage of Microsoft Intune to improve your users’ experience with no coding and on a budget.

Previously Recorded On-Demand Webinar

Tech Trends and Your Law Office

Optimize your law firm’s workplace and operations with technology. Watch our recorded webinar to learn about some trends in today’s office tech that can give your legal practice a boost. We’ll discuss some simple ways to make improvements that will result in higher profitability and streamlined processes.

Previously Recorded On-Demand Webinar

Network Architecture in a Cloud Era

Interested in SD-WAN, but not sure what advantages the solution would provide? During our discussion, we talk about the importance of multi-cloud networking, discuss how Cisco-SD WAN makes determining prospect needs a breeze, and demonstrate how SD-WAN’s simple, consistent, and cost-effective approach is advantageous to your business. Finally, we answer all questions in a Q&A segment.
Previously Recorded On-Demand Webinar

Azure Sentinel: Breaking Down the Barriers of Traditional SIEM

Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native SIEM that provides intelligent security analytics for your entire enterprise at cloud scale. Get limitless cloud speed and scale to help focus on what really matters. Easily collect data from all your cloud or on-premises assets, Microsoft 365, Azure resources, and other clouds. Effectively detect threats with built-in machine learning from Microsoft’s security analytics experts. Automate threat response, using built-in orchestration and automation playbooks. Join Netrix experts for an in-depth look at how you can accelerate SIEM delivery.

Previously Recorded On-Demand Webinar

Cireson Spring Webinars for SCCM/Remote Support

More than ever before, organizations are faced with greater numbers of devices, locations, and people to manage. The ability to provide fast and reliable support is key. Cireson Remote Support is designed to leverage Microsoft Configuration Manager and providing a suite of apps including SCCM functionality to address that need. Help Support Teams to further maximize productivity, deliver faster problem resolution, and increase end-user satisfaction.
Previously Recorded On-Demand Webinar

Audio/Visual as a Service (AVaaS) Webinar

How most companies get it wrong, and the huge payoff in getting it right. What you need to know about what AV as a Service is, what it isn’t and how it can be hugely beneficial.
Previously Recorded On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar:  Harness the Power of Your Data with Power BI

Join this webinar to learn how to use your data as an asset to accelerate growth.
Previously Recorded On-Demand  Webinar

Azure 123 Webinar Series

Cloud computing is one of the most talked about solutions in the education sector. K-12 school districts and universities are discovering more perks to migrating tools and infrastructure to the cloud. School IT managers and educators know first hand that technology changes have been constant, and the potential they create for young learners is tremendous.

Transform Education with Microsoft Azure Data Services and Power BI

Microsoft and Netrix are fully committed to supporting and transforming education. Join us as we explore how Microsoft Data Services and Power BI are empowering educators and inspiring innovation in the classroom.
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Azure Data and Analytics Webinar

Please join Netrix for a webinar series that will cover how Microsoft’s Azure Data and Analytic Services can help your organization transform to a modern data estate. A modern data estate leverages on-premise and hybrid cloud solutions to provide your organization with the ability to ingest, store, model, analyze and present/visualize all the data within your company.