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Netrix is consistently ranked as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the United States. Our focus on technology innovation and end-user approach has led to countless awards, unique projects, and major clients. Check out our job opportunities by clicking the join our team button below.

Employee Benefits

Healthcare Benefits

Netrix offers medical insurance to employees and their dependents with a coverage upto INR 1500,000.

Netrix Employee Profit Incentive Plan

We believe that hard work should be rewarded. In this yearly incentive, for each month you have served at Netrix, you will be credited these EPIP dollars which is uniform across Netrix US and all International locations.

Maternal Care Paid Leave

Every new mother will receive 26-weeks of paid leave to take care of the little one. Dad’s get 3 days paid leave to support their baby and the mother.

Employee Gifts

Netrix gives out cash awards for the best employee of each month and quarter. It doesn’t end there though; top performers of the year are given paid vacation to exotic places.

No Dress Code

Netrix wants you to express yourself and be comfortable. Feel free to wear your smart casuals to the office .


We celebrate occasions together as a family:  be it Onam, Diwali, Christmas, Holi or Women’s day. Even though we get very competitive during our post-lunch table tennis matches and carroms competitions, we make sure that everyone is having fun. 

Netrix Employee Appreciation Trip and Kickoff

Every year Netrix holds an employee appreciation trip and kickoff event that brings together employees from North America, Europe, and Asia. Last year’s was held over 3 days in Goa, India. Watch the video to learn more this annual get together.